Enter the Tiger Boy’s Room Decor

 Enter the Tiger Boy’s Room Decor

enter-the-tiger-boys-room-decorArticle discusses the tips for boy’s room décor. You will know the up-to-date styles in this regard.

Sounds familiar, does it not? But one is sure to have heard of Bruce Lee’s Enter the Dragon. However, move along and you’ll see that the title of this piece of work has such a tremendous level of deceiving you into reading the article. It’s worth it. Thank you very much for your time. You’ll be returned the very value of time that you spent reading this.

Let’s embark on the ride of actually entering the Tiger. Find yourself a part of creating a tiger. Hmm… guys would love that. Love what? They all do, they love when they are associated with something macho. So, let’s replace the word ‘Tiger’ with ‘boy‘. Let’s cut to the chase, the title just refers to entering a boy’s room, for me at least.

We know rooms are allotted to even those who are not born yet, so let’s just suppose that we have boys who need a room of their own. They are kids; hence, they need our help. They may be grown-up boys, but they still need help with their rooms. Not so crucial is boys room décor; really, it’s easier than that of girls’. Any décor is dependent on a theme. Boy’s room décor is too. To start with, one can see what sort of a theme is desired by the occupant of the room. Paint the room with colors other than PINK. Pink color is a definite no; and “NOOOOO” would be the noise that will come out of a boy’s mouth at the sight of such a color! Even a boy of five would object to this color because he wouldn’t want to be associated with ANYTHING girly, despite the fact that he’ll give ANYTHING later in life to be associated with a girl of his dreams.

Leaving that, shades of whites, blues, pastels and brown would be most advisable as they would certainly add the oomph a boys room décor needs.

Then, the other option can be of going for a different kind of theme, a fancy one which is about using all such things in a wall paper that captures the attention of boys. From animals to arms and ammunitions, space shuttles to the newest car models, or just hot models (in case of grown-ups) everything excites boys. They’d love to have the constant reminder of such things in their rooms. This also means that they’ll be able to stay inspired and forever young and can day dream to alleviate their mood in the midst of such interior decorations which are conducive to their tastes and hobbies.

Then comes another integral part of the boys room décor; the bed. It is seen that boys like open spaces, they sleep, eat and play in their room quite gladly. They just like it open. Spacious. So, the bed should preferably be a single bed but it is not a bylaw of a room décor. For children the bed comes in different shapes and sizes, even in the car and a boat shape, but if practicality steps in then it will be wise to go for a simple bed, as we know they jump on bed when excited, so why should a bed that can be used such purposes be costing a fortune?!

No pressure, just my thought. And yeah, posters are a very pleasing accessory for any room. In the case of the male rooms, one would want such posters around which reflect that the room is occupied by alpha males, who may come from any part of this globe, in all shape and sizes. Little things such as these can make decorating a boy’s room extremely easy, ergo; some consideration here is a must.

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