Self-balancing Electric Motorcycle Da Vinci DC100

 Self-balancing Electric Motorcycle Da Vinci DC100

The DC100 – a futuristic café racer, is designed to allow riders to fully experience the joy of riding: delivering outstanding performance, simple design, and effortless handling.


0-60 mph (100 km/h) acceleration in 3.X seconds
Peak torque: 627 ft-lb (850 Nm)


Top speed (MAX): 124 mph (200 km/h)
Peak power: 135 hp (100.75 kw)


NEDC: 249 miles (400.75 km)
WLTP: 222 miles (357.51 km)

Optimal performance

Acceleration, maximum speed, and battery life are the core indicators for electric vehicles. The best performance solution will only arrive when these indicators reach the perfect balance.

Easy-access Charging

The DC100 is compatible with level 3 DC fast chargers which deliver a full charge in just 30 minutes. Alternatively, it can be charged using conventional home electrical outlets using a portable charger.

Built for the joy of riding

Simplified controls amplify pure riding enjoyment

Precise power delivery with intuitive controls

Thanks to a smart control system that seamlessly integrates multiple different motors, the DC100 delivers instant, adaptable acceleration at every twist of the throttle, and responsive, intuitive controls.

Integrated and effortless braking

Unlike traditional motorcycles, where braking involves coordinating clutch, gears, front and rear brakes, the DC100 has a single brake lever linked to a braking system that integrates ABS, CBS, and TCS.

Forward and reverse

When Drive mode is selected and the brake lever is released, the DC100 creeps forward slowly at under 4 mph (7 km/h) to enable a smooth start. When putting into Reverse gear, the DC100 moves backward slowly with high torque so riders can reverse easily even on an incline.


Hill-start Assist Control (HAC)

When on a slope, the DC100 detects the angle of incline and applies Hill-start Assist Control. When the brake lever is released, the DC100 automatically moves forward and applies high torque at a low speed to ensure a smooth take-off. When riding downhill, the DC100 adjusts its speed to optimize both balance and energy recovery.

Your phone is the key and dashboard

Davinci App has a full virtual owner experience

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