7 Wedding Signature Cocktails To Prepare For Your Party This Summer

 7 Wedding Signature Cocktails To Prepare For Your Party This Summer

So your hot summer wedding is around the corner? We’ve got some wedding signature cocktails to the rescue. These drinks for the wedding go a long way in keeping guests cool against the drowning heat. And what’s more, they are easy wedding cocktails that you can make from the comfort of your home.

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Our list contains both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. But for the alcoholic, you don’t need an alcohol calculator wedding help here. Everything is really done within reason and moderation, as you’ll see in the alcoholic drink recipes. With summer drink recipes for Fresca Sangria, Tequila Tikki, Moscow punch and more. There’s a lot to choose from. 7 summer cocktails in all we’ve listed, the guests are sure to have a great time, even forgetting the beer!

1. Blackberry whiskey lemonade

Chilled lemonade in summer is fabulous. But with blackberry makes it one of the best wedding signature drink ideas. Mysterious to the eyes, it leaves a subtle and crispy taste to the tongue. It’s alcoholic and easy to DIY. Get some whiskey, lemon juice, rosemary, blackberries, and sugar. Add some tonic water, or in its place, sparkling wine for more effect. Throw on some ice and the guests will forget that it’s summer. Lovers of whiskey just took the fun a notch higher with this one.

2. Minty Moscow Mule punch

Moscow Mule is a regular, but when you add some mint, it becomes the ace of specialty cocktails. Ingredients are vodka, fresh lime juice, ginger mint simple syrup, chilled ginger beer, and fresh mint garnish. It’s also a great recommendation for bachelorette party drink ideas as it’s a classic one. Combine vodka, lime juice, simple syrup in a pitcher. Cover this mixture and chill. After two hours, add ginger beer and crushed ice. It’s ready to serve. This is a perfect way to drink beer in style. And the mint, leave your taste buds alive.

3. Corralejo Tequila Tikki

One of the best wedding cocktails to try out. An unconventional blend of banana syrup, tequila, and lime. It’s simple, sweet, and sour giving one a complex taste. This recipe is a combination of Corralejo Silver, Banana syrup, Lime juice, and aromatic bitters. Break the ice before starting the cocktail preparation. Combine all the ingredients and ice in a cocktail shaker, but leave out the bitters. Shake thoroughly till it gets chilled. Put some into a pitcher and strain this mixture over it. Add the bitters and garnish. See some more unconventional summer drink recipes.

4. Fresca Sangria

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Fresca Sangria is one of the best summer cocktails for a wedding. It’s alcoholic but great on the tongue. Filled with everything sweet and sour, it could make some brides signature drink for de-stressing. The recipe includes vodka, liquor, rose wine, citrus sparkling water, chopped lemon, halved lime, and cut watermelon. Add up the vodka, liquor, and rose wine in a pitcher. Mix and add some lemons, limes and cut watermelon. Cover this mixture and refrigerate for at least two hours. It’s ready to serve, but before it goes out, throw in some ice and pour in the citrus sparkling water.

5. The royal wedding

An original from the royal wedding of Meghan and Harry even though the wedding was not in summer. This is one of the best specialty cocktails. The recipe is Tequila, infused lime, Elderflower liquor, Noilly dry, lime juice, and dashes of Chartreuse lime leaf for garnish. Combine all these ingredients and shake in a cocktail shaker. Then pour into Coupettes and garnish with lime leaf. This is a sophisticated type of cocktail that will leave you cool, calm and great.

6. Hard cider Rum Slushie

One of the most crispy and refreshing summer cocktails yet, it bridges the gap between summer and fall. The recipe includes hard cider, white rum, lemon juice, lime juice, white sugar, berries, apples, and shaved ice. Blend hard cider (preferably orchard crisp apples), add up the rest and throw in some shaved ice. Or you can mix them all up, and garnish with chopped apples. A beautiful way to end the summer and usher in the fall.

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7. Sparkling summer peach

Great for summer cocktails, this is an expert blend of pineapple, line, infused peach, and sparkling wine. They come together to give a lively, sweet and tangy taste on the tongue. Ingredients include peach vodka, pineapple juice, lime juice, and sparkling wine on top. Mix all ingredients except the sparkling wine in a pitcher. Leave to chill in some ice. Strain it into another pitcher that has crushed ice. Pour the sparkling wine on top, and voila!

Seven wedding signature summer cocktails for a wedding in all. We also have summer drink recipes to DIY from your bar.

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