Top 10 Red Wine Brands

 Top 10 Red Wine Brands

A nice glass of Red wine with our dinner is what every wine lover appreciates. Despite the un ending debate of Red wine is actually good for health or not, lot of people likes it. There are numerous red wine brands throughout the world. Some are very famous and some, not. If you have a plan to sip a quality red wine then do have look at our list of top 10 Red wine brands.

1) Pinot Noir:

Pinot Noir Wine

Pinot Noir also known as German Spatburgunder features first in our list of top 10 Red wine brands. Pinot Noir red wine is made by grapes which are black in nature, German Spatburgunder is considered to be one of the highest quality red wines. With increasing demand and popularity pinot noir grapes are now produced all over the world, but its association with Burgundy or Bourgogne still remain intact. So , if you out shopping for red wine then do give attention to Pinot Noir, which is considered one of the top 10 Red wine brands in the world.

2) French Beaujolais:

French Beaujolais Wine

French has history of creating highest quality of Red wines. This quality wine is named after a place and enjoying the number 2 spot in our list of top 10 Red wine brands in the world. This wine is very light in nature and produced from variety of grapes. These grapes are called Gamay grapes.

3) Italian Chianti:

Italian Chianti Wine

Another wine which is named after the region where it is produced, Chianti wine is produced in the province of Chianti in Tuscany, Italy. Italian Chianti is 3rd in our list of top 10 wine brands. This wine is produced by Sangiovese grapes.

4) Californian Zinfandel:

Californian Zinfandel

Fourth on our list of top 10 Red wines in the world is an American red wine, Zinfandel. Its spicy and peppery flavor makes it popular in old and young alike. Mostly people serve Zinfandel with heavy and spicy meals. Napa valley is a birth place of this one of the top 10 red wines brands in the world.

5) Barbera Wine:

Barbera Wine

Many consider this wine the most versatile available on planet green has very silky and smooth looking texture. Italy is the place where this wine was initially produced but lately the rise in demand compels owners to set their units in California. The best thing about this wine is that it can easily be paired with almost every kind of food, be it, Asian, English or American. This is the reason of placing Barbera wine at spot 5 on our list of top 10 brands of Red wines.

6) Chilean Cabrenet Sauvignon:

Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon Wine

Attractive color, brilliant taste and highest quality makes Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon occupying place sixth in our list of top 10 red wine brands in the world. Although this wine is not considered as every day drinking wine but it is considered must have during special occasions and celebrations.

7) Australian Shiraz:

Australian Shiraz Wine

This wine is made by special grapes called Shiraz; therefore it’s called Australian Shiraz. Because of it being consumed most throughout the world it wins the spot in our top 10 red wine brands in the world.

8) French Bordeaux:

French Bordeaux Wine

Another wine from regions of France, it is part of the three most famous French wine producing provinces. This wine comes in all prices, from very low to very high prices. This quality wine rests at number eight in our list of top 10 red wines brands of the world.

9) Merlot Wine:

Merlot Wine

The grapes called Merlot grapes are used for this wine, and primarily grown in the Bordeaux region of France. Most of Europe, Australia and America have also good production of Merlot grapes. Because of its volume, softness and taste brings it to our list of top 10 red wine brands in the world.

10) Malbec Wine:

Malbec Wine

Last spot in our list of top 10 red wine brands in the world belongs to Malbec Wine. Dark blue and purple grapes are often used to make Malbec. Argentinean are very keen drinking it and is made is Argentina, although places like California and Chile also produce Malbec wine.

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