This Simple Hack Might Help You Drink Less

 This Simple Hack Might Help You Drink Less

It doesn’t matter whether you’re going out or staying in sometimes consuming extra calories is unavoidable.

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While you can control your food portions, it can be a little harder to keep your liquid calories on track when you’re freely pouring the wine.

How to Drink Less Wine

One easy way to remedy this is by buying and drinking miniature bottles of your favourite tipple instead of full-size bottles. Nope, they’re not just for plane journeys! Although miniature bottles usually contain 12 ml more than the average 175 ml glass of wine, the controlled portion might be a safer option to crack open, rather than a full bottle you can easily overindulge in despite your intent to only have a glass.

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When it comes to drinking when you’re out, you might not be able to carry your own miniature, but you can always opt for the small glass, not the large (at 250 ml each, drinking three large glasses of wine is the same as a whole bottle.

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