Romanée-Conti Becomes The Most Expensive Case of Wine

 Romanée-Conti Becomes The Most Expensive Case of Wine

Romanée Conti DrinkSurprising as it might seem, the Chinese have been able to achieve a strong position for themselves in the wine market. At a recently held auction by Christie’s in Hong Kong, a 1978 Romanee- Conti was able to attract a price of $476,280. The case had a dozen of bottles and given the price that the case commanded, the price per bottle came out to be $39,690. The credit for producing this exclusive case of wine goes to Domaine de la Romanee-Conti. The company produces an approximate of 7,000 cases of distinct wines every year.

Romanée Conti Ageing process for these wines has been mastered by  Domaine de la Romanee-Conti with the result that the firm was able to come up with an exclusive range of 1978 Romanee- Conti which sold for $476,280.     Interestingly, Domaine de la Romanee-Conti also holds the record for the most expensive bottle of wine to be sold ever in United Kingdom. A 1978 Montrachet had sold in United Kingdom for around $23,000 a bottle.

Romanée Conti The 1978 Romanee- Conti case was also bought by a Chinese buyer whose identity though has been kept a closely guarded secret. However, the interest being shown by the Chinese in wine industry is evident because of the reason that today China is one of the fastest growing market for wines. It accounts for 6 percent share of world’s Burgundy. The same was a mere 1 percent in 2007.Meanwhile as wine lovers across the world are amazed about the Romanee- Conti, the Chinese buyer must be enjoying a sip of the famed 1978 Romanee- Conti which is known for its refreshing taste. -Bornrich

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