House Of Devavry Doles Out Uber-Exclusive $3,000 Champagne Clad In Carbon Fiber

 House Of Devavry Doles Out Uber-Exclusive $3,000 Champagne Clad In Carbon Fiber

cuvee carbonIf you anticipation carbon axis to chunk was special, you are activity to adulation this albino bottle. The House of Devilry has doled out Cuvier Carbon Champagne, which bottles best wines in wrappings of carbon. This abstraction has been conceived by Alexandre Mae, a Formula 1 antagonism enthusiast whose family’s history in albino dates aback bristles generations. And it is an abstraction that has resulted in the world’s best big-ticket bottles of sparkling wine this season.

With alone the best grapes in the Grand and Premier cru rated vineyards and superb accouterment from the acclaimed slopes of the Albino region, the House of Devavry has both created an aberrant Cuvée and an iconic bottle. The latter, especially, requires six canicule of work, thus, acceptable the ultimate container, an Haute Couture bottle.

It takes a adept artisan in Reims, France 30 individual, absolute accomplish to aftermath the carbon packaging that wraps about a magnum canteen of the Champagne. Each canteen is different and bears the signature of the craftsman.

No admiration again that these bottles are priced from $2,900 for one magnum, a Grand Cru alloy of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes to a whopping $48,000 for a Nebuchadnezzar (15 liters). Local liquor stores, however, will abort you if you set out to acquirement these absurd bottles.

Unless you alive in Saint Tropez! Apparently, they are alone accessible at a appropriate storefront in the Provencal town, besides Monaco, Moscow, and Mauritius with bald hopes of hitting the US market.

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