Drinks Trends In 2014

 Drinks Trends In 2014

Energizing Carbonated Cocktails

Ice teas, lime soda, fresh cocktails, sour beer and pressed juices are the favorites of this summer  In 2014 drink trend, hard cider will be big and most in demand, even drinks that are low in alcohol, gluten-free and food-friendly are most likeable drinks for health conscious non-drinkers around the world.

1. Energizing Carbonated Cocktails:

Carbonated Cocktails
Energizing Carbonated Cocktails

Move over sangria and margaritas, there’s a new quenching cocktail that’ll be cooling off imbibers during heat waves. This summer, expect to see house-carbonated cocktails on the menus of trendy bars and restaurants. House carbonated drinks are lighter and mood influencing moreover traditionally flat drinks, fizzy cocktails are more aromatic and offer more intense flavors.

2. Craft Brews:

Craft Brews Drink
Craft Brews

Once again, the craft beer craze doesn’t look like it’s slowing down any time soon. In fact, microbreweries are becoming well-liked across Canada and more than a few cities are hosting their very own craft beer festivals. Craft brews is one of the hottest followed drink trend for this year include Barrie, Jolly Pumpkin Bam Biere , Saskatoon’s Paddock Wood Brewing Co., Andorval, Old foghorn ale and many more.

3. Flowered Ice Chunks:

Ice Chunks Drinks
Flowered Ice Chunks

Cool ice, if you think it’s a simple cube of ice then you wrong here darling. Soon you will experience consuming a refreshing ice with aroma. Yes, Next time you order a drink “on the rocks”, don’t be alarmed if it comes with a chunk of ice containing herbs and flowers frozen inside. Drink Trends 2014 are modernized by the inventive bartenders with this revolutionized concept of flowered ice chunks. Best yet, this specific drink trend can be easily replicated at home too. It just require you to add some mint, herbs, blueberries, pomegranate seeds or with your favorite garnishes into an ice cube tray, then fill with water and freeze it. You will love it for sure. So have fun by serving drinks with edible wildflower ice cubes in customized intricate shapes.

4. Craft Hard Cider:

Craft Hard Cider Drinks
Craft Hard Cider

In summers, it’s about time that hard apple cider was on everyone’s minds and (lips!). The craft beer trend majorly follows apple cider consumption, since in 2013; cider sales have increased more than 40% globally. The trend is expected to yield more in this year as well. In fact, an artisan hard cider is made by plenty of orchards, such as Toronto’s West Avenue Cider, which uses 100% fresh-pressed juice is prepared from Ontario heritage apples.

5. Return Of The Simple, Classic Cocktail:

Classic Cocktail Drinks
Classic Cocktail

In the past few years’ significant increase is observed in molecular cocktails. In 2014, cocktails will revert back to simpler times when the Manhattan, Brooklyn, old fashioned, martini, margarita reigned supreme.  When it comes to classic cocktails, then it’s important to talk about Brooklyn, a perfect formula for a perfect Manhattan, blend of rye, bourbon, dry/sweet vermouth. Go A blend of maraschino liqueur and amaro is a must have drink.

6. Whisky:

whisky brands

In 2014, Whisky Sour is another simple-to-make cocktail, which calls for bourbon with pinch of rye in it, further enhanced by lemon juice, and sugar. If you are an orange lover, then add a splash of orange juice in there, too, I won’t stop you, it will enhance the taste even more.

7. Cosmopolitan:

Cosmopolitan Drinks

The Cosmopolitan is on this list of Drink Trends 2014! Why the hell not? It’s a popular drink, and if you part hard and love trying new drinks then you must go for this drink.  To energize you this summer the above mentioned beverages, cocktails, ciders and sours are just the best drinks to consume. Enjoy your summers with theses refreshing drinks.

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