Bender’s Rye Launches the New ‘It’ Whiskey

 Bender’s Rye Launches the New ‘It’ Whiskey

Rye is authoritative a comeback. The amber spirit, already apparent as fit alone for the borderland saloon, is demography its abode amid the small-batch bourbons and single-malt whiskeys abaft the confined at hip watering holes beyond the country. Benders WhiskeyWhat makes rye altered than added whiskeys? Absolutely simply, the grain: aloof as bourbon charge be fabricated from at atomic 51% corn, so rye charge be fabricated from at atomic 51% rye, which adds its own characteristic taste. In a contempo cavalcade for the New York Times, bartender-writer Rosie Chap claimed rye’s “dryness and earthiness…spice and aside sourness” was absolutely alluring to her, as was its “wonderful chewiness.”So now’s your adventitious to get aloof rights for the abutting air-conditioned thing.

Benders WhiskeyEven better, small-batch ryer yes can still be had for a reasonable price, abnormally compared to cult-status bourbons like Pappy Van Winkle. The latest accession to the rapidly-expanding rye pantheon is Bender’s Rye out of San Francisco. Aloof launched in November 2013, this complex, 96-proof spirit is fabricated to angle up and be counted in a cocktail, whether it’s commutual with candied vermouth in a archetypal Manhattan or abstemious with absinthe and a birr of bitters in a Saracen. Notes of broiled apricot, toffee, and orange appearance up in a sip of arresting accuracy for the proof.

Detail Benders WhiskeyThe rye is produced by the two-man aggregation of Christopher Cohen and Carl Bender. Bender, a clear artisan and artist, is amenable for the brand’s whimsical, attainable labeling. The august face on the canteen — complete with watch cap, beard, and aqueduct — is based on Bender. The liquor-world adeptness comes from the Saskatchewan-born Cohen, who has formed in business for abundant cooler companies, including both St.

whiskeyGermain (of elderflower-liqueur fame) and Fever-tree, makers of high-end mixers like analeptic baptize and amber ale. The whiskey starts with Canadian-grown grains that are distilled, aged, and custom-blended to adjustment by a distillery in Alberta. Cohen and Bender spent months alive on the blend, eventually tasting 52 altered combinations afore clearing on the accepted Bender’s Rye blend.

whiskeyThe barrels are beatific from the Canadian distillery to a bounded distillery that additionally makes such San Francisco-themed alcohol as Emperor Norton Absinthe and Bummer and Lazarus Gin (named afterwards Norton’s dogs). There, it’s attenuated with Hetti Tetchy finest snow cook (that’s SF tap baptize to you) and bottled–about 3248 bottles for this batch.

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