Netizens Support Dog Owner Who Refused to Accept a Woman’s Allergy

 Netizens Support Dog Owner Who Refused to Accept a Woman’s Allergy

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After one dog owner described a recent dispute they had at a pet restaurant, internet observers were taken aback.

Redditor @ / Unique Clothes7984 (also known as the original poster, or OP) said they brought their dog to eat when questioned by a woman who claimed to have a serious allergy in a viral post on r / AmITheA ** hole.

Entitled “AITA because it didn’t leave the restaurant I was with my dog because the woman was allergic to dogs?” in the previous 11 hours, the viral post has gathered nearly 9,000 votes and 1,800 comments.

u / Unique Clothes7984 wrote that they became regulars at a restaurant that welcomes dogs (on leashes and with current vaccination cards) and that they enjoyed the dinner until they were stopped by an unexpected request from another restaurant guest.

“A lady approached me and said she was allergic to dogs, so if I don’t mind, I should sit down. [in] the outdoor space of the restaurant, ”he wrote the original poster.

“I told her this was a pet restaurant,” they continued. “She told me she was conscious, but still, since she’s allergic, I should obey and take the dog outside.”

After initially refusing to leave the restaurant, the woman accused them of being disrespectful and threatened to call the cops if they did not leave with their dog, according to Redditor.

“She said that she is the one with the health problem, so I am the one who has to sacrifice out of respect,” they wrote. “She started raising her voice at me and threatening to kick me out and call the police.”

“Some other restaurant guests got involved and told me I should leave,” he continued. “Then I asked the waiter if I should go, and he said no … the lady called the restaurant manager … and he said the same thing.”

u / Unique Clothes7984 stated in the viral post’s comment section that they are located in Europe, despite the fact that animals other than specified official animals are normally not welcome in American restaurants.

As per Newsweek, pet policy in European restaurants varies from country to country The Ramblea blog about travel and lifestyle.

While some countries, such as France, Italy, and the Netherlands, prohibit animals from being legally present at restaurants, others, such as France, Italy, and the Netherlands, welcome them. Restaurants and other establishments may offer unique menus for dogs and other pets in some instances.

The original poster mentioned that the restaurant tailored to the dogs they visit has a pet menu in their popular post on Reddit, prompting many commentators to wonder why someone with a dog allergy would choose to dine there.

“Why would you go to a pet restaurant that has a pet menu and therefore there is a VERY GREAT chance that there will be … PETS if you are allergic to dogs ?!”, wrote Redditor u / kato969 in a post in the post. top comment, which received almost 16,000 votes.

“I can’t understand someone’s stupidity from time to time,” they added.

Redditor u / erbear048, whose response received more than 4,800 votes, reiterated that opinion.

“I think some people are leaving their house with the intention of arguing with people,” they commented. “This woman was completely unreasonable and should have left when she saw the pet menu, knowing she had an allergy.”

“You are fully within your rights to dine at a pet-friendly restaurant. She got into one, fully aware of her problems. She’s just creating problems,” added Redditor in / TrustedTriangle, which received more than 3,600 votes.

Redditor in / Fit-Bear assured the original poster that the woman’s allergy was not her problem, especially in the pet facility, in a scathing comment that earned over 1,000 votes.

They commented that her allergy is not your problem, it is hers. “She chose to go to a pet restaurant and she has a right to expect you to move.”

“If he wants to stay away from your dog, he should have been sitting outside!” they added.

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