Did They Pass The Stimulus Bill? America Waits For An Answer

 Did They Pass The Stimulus Bill? America Waits For An Answer

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Did they pass the stimulus bill is the question that is spreading like wildfire? People have been left searching for answers for a long time. Stimulus Check for the fourth round seems very much unlikely. 

The government has no plans of announcing further rounds of payments. Citizens of America have been routing for added payments for a long time. They stated that many households still need money to survive. 

The money provided as Stimulus Checks were not sufficient. The received money was exhausted within a span of three months. Considering the current situation of America, these concerns do seem legit. 

As much as the fourth check is being pushed, the possibility of one is unlikely. The federal government is currently focusing on the stimulus package of the federal budget. The government has stated that the economy is showing signs of a turnaround. 

They are putting more stress on speeding up the vaccination process. All this information did not answer people’s questions about did they pass the stimulus bill. 

However, other payments might lighten up the mood. Let us learn more about them and see whether it answers the question- did they pass the stimulus bill? 

Did They Pass The Stimulus Bill- Why The Query? 

The third stimulus payment was rolled in recently. Apart from those, the Expanded Child Tax Credit was also announced. Families received almost $3600 as benefits. These were received as a direct payment every month till December 2021. 

States such as California have announced $600 benefits for all its residents. Families having children are entitled to receive an added $500. Another reason has been bothering the citizens lately. The last few weeks have witnessed a sharp rise in the covid cases. 

Death rates are also going up alarmingly. The Omicron Strain is expected to be the culprit. As per speculations, a new wave of pandemics is threatening to hit the United States. This means that another possibility of a shutdown cannot be ruled out. Such a scenario had the people talking about did they pass the stimulus bill. 

The people are looking up to the government to have the people’s back in case such situations arise. A petition has gained huge momentum recently. The petition can be viewed at the Change.Org website. It asks the government to provide monthly checks to the citizens. 

A sum of $2000 & $1000 has been requested by the bill for adults and students respectively. The bill asks for the provision for monthly payments to the citizens till the pandemic gets over. It states that the checks provided so far were insufficient to meet all the needs. 

More funding is required to save the people from bankruptcy. The rate of unemployment has shot up drastically. More people have been recorded without the job post-pandemic. The percentage stands at 5.9% with around 6.8m people without a job. 

The government did design the Unemployment aid, but it did not reach everybody due to various reasons. All these developments added up to the most sought out question at the moment- did they pass the stimulus bill. 

Rep.Ilhan Omar has extended support for the common people. The petition designed by Omar asks for monthly payments from the government. The bill claims for a payment of $1200 for every adult. This payment is expected to be continued till the end of the pandemic. Children are entitled to receive $600 as aids. 

This bill has been signed by several legislators. Pramila Jayapal, Jamaal Bowman, Dwight Evans & Cori Bus have supported the cause. Let us try to find out did they pass the stimulus bill or not. 

Did They Pass The Stimulus Bill- The Conclusion

The question- Did they pass the stimulus bill is a simple one. However, the answer to the question is not so simple. The federal government did not grant any further round of checks because of one particular issue. 

They had a plan- The build Back Better program. The program was proposed by Joe Biden the previous year. The program has a whopping 1.3trillion dollar provision. They aimed at passing the bill in late 2021 so that residents can reap the benefits in 2022.

 However, it was not at all easy. The spending package got rejected several times. Not a single Republican voted in favor of the trillion-dollar program. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi held repeated meetings with the Republicans. 

Unfortunately, nothing fruitful came out of those meetings. The Spending Bill focused on providing financial assistance to a number of sectors. It aimed at supporting sectors and residents that were plagued by the pandemic. 

The bill also had the confirmation for the expansion of the Child Tax Credit. The CTC benefits were supposed to be extended by a year. This is a vital reason why most of the residents are wondering about did they pass the stimulus bill. 

Unfortunately, the matter worsened when Joe Manchin himself did not approve the bill. Manchin’s rejection was like the final nail in the coffin. The hope of the package getting approved is bleak as of now. 

However, there might be some glimmer of light if the senators try to reconsider their decisions. Thus, residents will have to wait longer to get a definite answer to their question of- did they pass the stimulus bill. 

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