Dad of 9-Year-Old Chiefs Fan Accused of Blackface Says ‘The Damage is Already Done’

 Dad of 9-Year-Old Chiefs Fan Accused of Blackface Says ‘The Damage is Already Done’

Shannon Armenta/Facebook

Holden Armenta, a young fan of the Kansas City Chiefs, has faced controversy after being accused of wearing ‘blackface’ in a photo that drew criticism for its alleged racial insensitivity. The issue was highlighted by reporter Carron J. Phillips, who described Holden’s face paint as “racist.” This accusation has brought significant attention and concern to the Armenta family.

Despite being Native American, Holden and his family have had to navigate the backlash from these allegations. The controversy arose from a photo showing Holden with half of his face painted black. However, other pictures revealed that he also had half of his face painted red, presenting a fuller context to the initial image.

Holden’s father, Bubba Armenta, responded to the accusations in an interview. He expressed his concern and nervousness about the situation, especially considering the excitement and attention it was garnering at Holden’s school. He spoke about the fear that arises when such accusations go overboard.

Bubba defended his son’s actions, highlighting Holden’s patriotism and popularity as a fan. He criticized Carron Phillips and Deadspin for their portrayal of the situation, noting that an apology at this point would be insufficient due to the widespread damage already caused. Bubba mentioned that the incident had led to disrespectful comments towards Native Americans and his family.

He clarified that Holden had painted his face as an act of defiance before appearing on live television. Bubba also pointed out that their family, members of the Chumash tribe from California, do not traditionally wear the type of headdress depicted in the pictures taken at Arrowhead Stadium during the Chiefs’ game against the Las Vegas Raiders. This clarification was aimed at addressing misunderstandings about their cultural practices and the intentions behind Holden’s face paint.

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