Dad Learns of Daughter’s Body Found Beaten and Bloody in Bathtub

 Dad Learns of Daughter’s Body Found Beaten and Bloody in Bathtub

Facebook/Mackenzie Hopkins

The heartrending story of Mackenzie Hopkins, a Missouri woman whose life came to a tragic end, is being brought to light by her grieving father, Shannon Hopkins. Mackenzie was discovered deceased in a bathtub at her Kansas City residence on January 15, 2022, following a brutal assault that also left her then-4-year-old daughter, Bella, with severe head injuries.

In a poignant recounting to KMBC-TV, Shannon shared the harrowing details of arriving at Mackenzie’s home, alongside her sister Hazel, only to be confronted with a scene of unimaginable horror. “As soon as I stepped a few feet inside, the sight was horrific, and the amount of blood was overwhelming,” Shannon described.

The immediate aftermath saw both Shannon and Hazel collapsing in the yard, overwhelmed by the gravity of the situation, as police intervened and secured the scene. Shannon’s reflections during the interview revealed his struggle to come to terms with the brutal reality.

“There was a part of me that couldn’t accept they were gone, that something this horrific had transpired, leading to the potential loss of both Mackenzie and Bella,” he shared, expressing disbelief that such a tragedy could befall his family.

Throughout the conversation, Shannon reminisced about Mackenzie’s transformation into a nurturing and compassionate mother, highlighting her loving nature and how motherhood had allowed her character to flourish. “Becoming a mother really allowed her true self to emerge,” he noted, remembering her as the epitome of care and affection, the Kansas City Star reported.

The narrative took a turn towards a semblance of justice over two years after the tragic incident, as Jose Escalante-Corchado admitted to second-degree murder and assault, resulting in a 30-year prison sentence. Shannon expressed a determined outlook towards the future, emphasizing the need to find meaning in Mackenzie’s untimely death and the impact of the heinous act on both their family and that of the perpetrator.

“It’s imperative for us to navigate this new reality, where we learn to live with the aftermath of that day’s events, which undoubtedly have also cast a shadow over his family, burdened with a bleak legacy,” Shannon remarked. Bella, now 6 years old, has since moved to Puerto Rico to live with her father, starting a new chapter in her life while carrying the scars of the past.

Shannon’s account sheds light on the profound effects of violence, not just on the immediate victims but on the broader fabric of families and communities, underscoring a collective journey towards healing and making sense of the senseless.

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