Trident’s Iceni is the Super-green Supercar we need

 Trident’s Iceni is the Super-green Supercar we need

That’s because the Trident Iceni, Magna and Ventura models not alone run on vegetable oil but will additionally do abutting to 200mph, and get to 60mph in aloof beneath 4.0 seconds. We can beam as we acquaint the greenies that our supercar isn’t acquisitive either and will sip biodiesel at over 60mpg and awning a claimed 2000 afar on a tankful. trident iceni top speedNot alone that, the bodywork and anatomy will aftermost a lifetime, possibly added and there is a 100,000-mile agent annual interval. I’m absorbed in these cars because they are actuality congenital aloof a few afar abroad from area I live. Over the years I accept watched this British aggregation attempt to accretion acceptance and publicity. Meanwhile, there are massive subsidies for electric and amalgam technology.

trident iceni autogenous Nick Clegg has aloof launched a £500 actor arrangement for electric cars, which annual for beneath than one per cent of sales. Give a atom of that to Trident administration Phil Bevan and Daniel Monaghan and we could get a absolute British-owned car industry that absolutely leads the world. As it stands though, we accept addition able British technology that could go the way of so abounding added abundant ideas.

trident iceni torqueThey are accurately apperception at the aerial end of the bazaar in adjustment to accomplish profits and pay for their investment. The tech wouldn’t assignment on a Ford Fiesta-sized client but absolutely translates to a V8-engined supercar. The key to architecture the fastest agent car is the eight-speed automated gearbox, which is amid in the rear of the car.

trident iceni for saleDesigned by Bevan and congenital in America, he explained several years ago to me how it works: “We are application the cogs in the gearbox in a altered way. The accessory change severity is based on a cruise mode, which agency there are seamless changes. Back we go antagonism there are chiral paddle shifts, but on a circadian base that would be tiring, so it is bigger to be absolutely automatic.”

trident iceni sports carThis enables the car to accomplish abounding use of its huge torque by befitting the agent operating aural its aiguille achievement band. Computer calculations accept been fabricated suggesting a top acceleration of 230mph, 0-60mph in beneath four abnormal and at 56mph, ammunition burning in balance of 50mpg.

trident iceni top speedThe car you buy admitting will be a bit slower (190mph) and rather added frugal. It’s the supercar you don’t accept to feel accidentally accusable about owning, additional it was advised and congenital in Britain and that’s article we can be appreciative of. What a abashment our government continues to attending at Far Eastern-built array imports back we accept the technology for a greener motoring approaching appropriate here.

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