Torq: The World’s Fastest three Wheeled Electric Vehicle

 Torq: The World’s Fastest three Wheeled Electric Vehicle

Torq World’s Fastest three Wheeled Vehicle

The journey of the Torq roadster from Epic EV has been pretty low key for a three-wheeled bullhorn of a car that screams, “LOOK AT ME!!!” with its volume stuck at 11. There hasn’t been a flood of press releases calling attention to the effort and there are no bizarre long-form commercials featuring giant wasps. Yes, the company did bring the finalized production version to SEMA 2012, but it was relegated to the parking lot as part of the Dub Show Tour and seemed to go mostly unnoticed.

That might be all about to change. Epic EV has announced it’s having a coming out party for its unique all-electric Torq on the 6th of April at its R&D facility in Vista, CA. Along with delivering the first example to a paying customer, the company also is promising some Ride and Drive action and the release of the full specs and accessory pricing. The Torq Roadster’s base price is $65,000.

The Torq has undergone some major re-engineering since we first spotted the original prototype back in 2010. With help from the good folks at Palatov Motorsports, the chassis and suspension underlying the topless machine has been sorted and balanced for optimal performance, while the exterior design has been touched by Designs By 11 and Motive Industries.

Now, three-wheel vehicles haven’t received a lot of American love in the past, but Epic is betting that four-second, battery-powered jaunts from 0-to-60 and over a G’s worth of lateral acceleration might win people over. Indeed, they hope to build over 50 cars this year and many more in 2014. – Autoblog

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