Tesla Model S – The 21st Century Powertrain

 Tesla Model S – The 21st Century Powertrain

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Tesla’s avant-garde electric powertrain delivers animating performance. Unlike the centralized agitation agent with hundreds of affective pieces that spark, pump, belch, and groan, the Tesla motor has alone one affective piece: the rotor. As a result, Model S dispatch is instantaneous, like flipping a switch. Hit the accelerator. In 5.6 seconds, Model S is traveling 60 afar per hour, after averseness and after a bead of gasoline.

Model S Performance

Model S Achievement takes electric achievement to the abutting level. Equipped with the 85 kilowatt-hour array and a aerial achievement drive inverter, Model S Achievement accelerates to 60 afar per hour in 4.4 seconds. If apprenticed the aforementioned way as Model S, both cars accomplish the aforementioned ability acknowledgment to the different powertrain design. Model S Achievement appearance different exoteric accents and an autogenous abounding with Alcantara and carbon cilia accents. – teslamotors

Technical Data:

Additional Dimensions

Advanced arch room: 39.8″

Rear arch room: 36.6″

Advanced leg room: 42.0″

Rear leg room: 36.7″

Advanced accept room: 57.6″

Rear accept room: 55.0″

Seating capacity: 5 adults

Luggage capacity, rear: 28.7 cu. ft. (seats up)

Luggage capacity, rear: 66 cu. ft. (seats down)

Luggage capacity, front: 8.1 cu ft.

Turning circle: 37 ft.


Lightweight aluminum anatomy able with aerial strength, boron animate elements

UV and bittersweet blocking assurance bottle windshield

Rain sensing, adjustable acceleration windshield wipers

Frameless, laminated assurance bottle advanced windows

Solar absorbing, laminated assurance bottle rear window with defroster

Flush army aperture handles

Manual folding ancillary mirrors

19″ casting aluminum auto with all-season tires (Goodyear Eagle RS-A2 245/45R19). Note: alternative 21″ auto appear with Continental Extreme Contact DW 245/35R21 tires

Aluminum roof

Halogen headlights with automated on/off and LED daytime active lights

Backlit ancillary about-face signals, advanced ancillary brand lights and rear reflex lights

LED rear taillights and high-mounted LED stop lamp


Model S is a rear caster drive electric vehicle. The liquid-cooled powertrain includes the battery, motor, drive inverter, and accessory box.

40 kWh chip controlled, lithium-ion battery

Three phase, four pole AC consecration motor with chestnut rotor, capricious abundance drive

Drive inverter with adorning braking system

Single acceleration anchored accessory with 9.73:1 abridgement ratio


10 kW able on-board charger with the afterward ascribe compatibility: 85-265 V, 45-65 Hz, 1-40 A (Optional 20 kW able Twin Chargers increases ascribe affinity to 80 A)

Peak charger ability of 92%

10 kW able Universal Mobile Connector with 110 V, 240 V, and J1772 adapters

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