Porsche “Tornado “Mistrale” by German Tuning Company Gemballa

 Porsche “Tornado “Mistrale” by German Tuning Company Gemballa

TornadoSince 1981 German tuning company Gemballa produces seriously tuned Porsche vehicles. To help celebrate its 30th anniversary, the company has unveiled at the 2011 Top Marques Monaco Show two new models:

Tornado carThe Porsche Cayenne-based Tornado “Mistrale and the Porsche Panamera-based Mistrale. Both the Tornado and the Mistrale feature a heavily customized body with unique front and rear ends, and an array of bespoke aero parts.

Tornado MistraleGemballa offers a variety of customizations for both interiors, ranging from carbon-fiber trim and seats finished in a mix of alcantara and leather to high-end infotainment systems.

Tornado carThere’s plenty of magic under the hood as well with Gemballa offering two different engine kits for the V8 Turbo models.

Tornado MistraleIn celebration of its 30th anniversary this year, the German company decided to limit production of the Tornado and Mistrale models to 30 units each.  -Beautifullife.info

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