Most Colorful Posrche Ever – Porsche Taycan 4S ArtCar

 Most Colorful Posrche Ever – Porsche Taycan 4S ArtCar

Last year in December 2020, German automaker Porsche joined forces with acclaimed New York-based artist Richard Phillips to create an automotive work of art for charity.

Sporting a vibrant livery inspired by Queen of the Night, a painting done by Phillips in 2010, the Taycan Artcar was created live at the Leuehof pop-up restaurant on Zurich’s Bahnhofstrasse.

“Conceptually, my Queen of the Night livery takes into consideration that the design of the Taycan is an instant icon of electric mobility and speed” explained in a press release the talented artist.

The single piece will be auctioned globally from April 6 to 13, 2021, and the best part, all proceeds will be donated to Switzerland’s non-profit association Suisseculture Sociale, which seeks to support the COVID-19 pandemic-struck art scene from Switzerland.

After the auction, it will be on display at the Porsche Centre Zug and will be handed over to the bidder.

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