McLaren 12C B&W Edition is Exclusive to Hong Kong

 McLaren 12C B&W Edition is Exclusive to Hong Kong

The world’s best big-ticket affluence city, Hong Kong earns a bifold benefit on supercar unveils. At the barrage accident of the McLaren P1, the aggregation additionally pulled the curtains off a appropriate edition, the McLaren 12C B&W Edition, which is absolute to the city. The appropriate copy has been created by the brand’s Appropriate Operations (MSO), and appearance a different two-tone blush scheme.

The supercar is coated in a appropriate white accomplishment with appearance atramentous touches on the roof, wheels, mirror apartment and advanced splitter, and appearance white acrylic on the air vents and apparatus cluster, which differentiates it from the approved McLaren 12Cs. The bound copy McLaren 12C B&W Copy has been priced at 4.68 actor HKD ($603,300), while the P1 comes for a whooping 8.9 actor HKD ($1,147,000).

The appropriate copy car is powered by the aforementioned 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 agent as the approved McLaren 12C. Owing to which the car contest to 62mph in aloof 3.1 seconds, with an absorbing top acceleration of 332km/h.

To add to this, the agent works on an acutely fast-shifting dual-clutch and has a seven-speed transmission, which you would adulation to zoom in, provided you are from Hong Kong.

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