Home of Rolls-Royce Collection debuts Phantom Series II at Qualis

 Home of Rolls-Royce Collection debuts Phantom Series II at Qualis

We all apperceive that January 1 has been an important date with Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. Celebrating 10 years of assembly at its Goodwood, England home, the affluence car cast had affairs to bare a bespoke accumulating of cars beneath the banderole of Home of Rolls-Royce Collection.

This August 16, saw the aboriginal car from this accumulating debuting at Quails in all its glory. And to be honest, the archetypal absolutely stands affirmation engineering arete and admirable adroitness that the artisans at Goodwood are able of. The aboriginal car to admission from the Home of Rolls-Royce Accumulating is a Phantom Series II saloon.

The car displays absolutely absorbing copse assignment throughout its interiors, which proudly appearance 170 sections fabricated of 11 varieties of woods.

The aftereffect has been accomplished through a appropriate handcrafted address alleged marquetry which assembles varieties of copse into a ‘celebration’ motif.

Also featuring on the bespoke conception is a circuitous but adorable ‘compass’ burden intricately abstract into the armrests and animate lid, which has agilely taken 100,000 stitches to create.

A agnate burden has been duke corrective on the exoteric of the car, which has been activated by a appropriate address – squirrel-hair-brush-wielding that takes abutting to six hours to completion.

Although the commitment of the Home of Rolls-Royce Accumulating cars is due to activate after this autumn, the appraisement capacity haven’t been appear yet.

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