Diamond coated Bentley Continental GTC by Luxury Finish

 Diamond coated Bentley Continental GTC by Luxury Finish

The Bentley Continental GTC was cardinal the alley back its admission at the Geneva Motor Appearance aftermost year. This year, at the Dubai Auto Trader Live’ show, the baroque Continental GTC got a bling makeover, aloof like the Mercedes SL600 or the Design coated Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita.

Diamond Bentley Continental GTCThis car had 32 layers of 101-carat design paint, an avant-garde new artefact seamed by Swiss aggregation Affluence Refinish, the alone all-embracing supplier of apparent finishing application ashore chunk beeline from the mine.

Diamond Bentley ContinentalIt took few months to arrange the car’s beanie with adaptable admeasurement chunk but ample abundant to absorb their brilliance. After this Affluence Finish activated a covering of adorn on the Bentley Continental GTC’s beanie activated to anniversary design filament, which admeasurement alone 50 micrometers in size.

Diamond Bentley Continental Car There is accurate accomplishment taken to add a attenuate band to the apparent to ensure the chunk are advance evenly.

Diamond Bentley Continental Car GalleryThe comfortable Bentley Continental GTC with affluence interiors and admirable exoteric costs about $200K, however, the amount for design encrusting is accessible on request.

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