Coolest Ferrari F80 concept you will ever see

 Coolest Ferrari F80 concept you will ever see

If you chase our website carefully again you ability accept noticed that we don’t awning abstraction designs of automobiles too often, and over the years there accept been alone few instances back we accept deviated from it. But is addition day back we are activity to accomplish an barring to the aphorism and awning a abstraction car because it’s blood-soaked good! Just attending at the photos and you’ll apperceive it is top affection pin-up affiche material.

It’s alleged the Ferrari F80 Abstraction and created by Art Center alum Adriano Raeli. It looks like a beefier adaptation of LaFerrari alone with anniversary and every aspect of the exoteric architectonics fabricated to be an complete amusement to the eyes.

Adriano Raeli is from Italy and afresh accelerating from Art Center College of Architectonics with a amount in Transportation Design. He loves architectonics amid abounding added things and cars accept been a above affection of him back he was a little kid. According to the description he gives on his concept, the F80 Abstraction aims to accompany the best accurate F1 acquaintance and achievement to the alley after compromising the brand’s chic and breeding of form.

The agent is advised with Formula 1 architectonics in apperception with a alloy of Ferrari’s LeMans heritage. Aerodynamics comedy an important role as the all-embracing aboveboard breadth is decreased by the air channels that accept been carved amid the capital anatomy and the caster arches.

adriano-raeli-ferrari-5-690×421 F1 A-arm abeyance agreement is acutely arresting through these openings. Added capacity such as the centralized bankrupt are meant to abatement drag. The staggered basement positions of both disciplinarian and commuter are additionally carefully accompanying to that of F1 basement laying positions.


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