Carlsson CS50 Versailles is a gold Customization of Mercedes S-Class gone Wrong

 Carlsson CS50 Versailles is a gold Customization of Mercedes S-Class gone Wrong

Every year at altered auto shows beyond the globe, aftermarket customization companies appearance off their bespoke creations to the apple and this year’s Geneva Motor Appearance is no different.Carlsson CS50 VersaillesA lot of these customized and alone cartage are a amusement to the beholders area as some appear beyond as eyesores. There is a accomplished band amid affluence and gaudy, and on abounding occasions these companies acquisition themselves on the added ancillary on the line.

Carlsson CS50 carIf the gold 2014 Mercedes Benz S63 AMG by Carlex Design was tasteless, this Mercedes S Class captivated in authentic gold central out is actually hideous. The Carlsson CS50 Versailles apparent at the Geneva Motor Appearance defies the bound of affectation and by far is the best point-less acknowledge at the show.

Carlsson CS50 Versailles carSaid to be aggressive by Louis the Great’s palace, the Carlsson CS50 Versailles has been distinctively acclimatized and developed for China’s ultra-wealthy ‘Taipan’ buyers. It appearance a authentic gold exoteric which takes added than 200 man-hours to aloof blanket the bodywork with absolute cardboard gold leaf.

Carlsson CS50 Versailles carsThe gold analysis doesn’t end there; alike the autogenous of the car is belted with gold treatment. Carlsson will accomplish a absolute of 25 of these gold Mercs with the prices starting at €268,000 ($368,000 approx) out of which 10 accept already begin owners.

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