6 Must Have Etiquette to Boost Your Driving Experience

 6 Must Have Etiquette to Boost Your Driving Experience

Driving etiquette is a necessity. You must keep in mind that you share the road with other motorists. By showing common courtesy, you can enhance not only your driving experience, but the driving experience of others as well. Follow our 6 Must Have Etiquettes to Boost Your Driving Experience.

Prepare Yourself For The Drive seat-belt-e1419328810667
Before starting, adjust your seat and your and your mirrors. Put on your seat belt. Putting on a seat belt is mandatory for both the drivers and the passengers. Buckle up your children in a suitable child seat. Until the age of 10 years, children have to be buckled in a government approved seat suited to their age, morphology and weight.

Don’t Drive In Case of Physical Disability

Be careful if you are taking medication. Read the instructions and check their compatibility with the act of driving through the symbols or directions on the package. Check your view. There is a minimum acuity threshold required to drive a vehicle. Get your vision checked by an ophthalmologist if you have any doubts. Make sure to be legally and physically fit to drive. Some medical conditions may result in an inability to drive. Take appointment with your family doctor to determine if you have the right to drive.

No Pedal To The Metal

Go easy on the pedal is the first and foremost driving etiquette. You need to train yourself to gradually put pressure on the accelerator in order to avoid sudden braking which can have two very bad effects. One, your passengers jutt towards the front of the vehicle every time you apply brakes, and two it could get you hit by someone tailing you closely at a high speed on the highway.

Always Slow Down Before Making A Turn

Turning, as many people think, is only as simple as turning the steering wheel. Wrong. You need to apply the brakes before you start even of making a turn. This does three things: One, it takes out that dreaded centrifugal force out of the equation and you do not veer to the outside of the vehicle while the car is turning in the opposite direction. Two, it eases the pressure on the tie rod and the ball joints and consequently increases their life and saves you a lot of money in the long run. Three, anyone driving after you will prepare themselves to slow down and let you make your turn without hitting you while you’re blindsided.

Practice making small tight turns at slow speeds and not only would your mechanic charge you less over the years, drivers on the highway will also appreciate your driving tactics.

Be Responsible For Everyone’s Safety

Although you are driving only your vehicle, in order to boost your driving experience, you need to keep a sharp eye on the road. There are far too many people who should not have a licence, driving cars out there.

Maximize Your Visibility

It seems that the main concern of any motorist should be to ensure maximum visibility. Yet we have frequently encountered drivers who are so collapsed in their seats that their visual field is severely reduced by the steering wheel and hood. Their vision of the road is limited because of the irrational position of their bodies, their head is thrown back in a very uncomfortable position. This poor visibility causes undue fatigue and may become the cause of an accident.

Modern day drivers have at their disposal all the resources to be able to drive with maximum ease and comfort. In modern cars, the seats are mobile, you can fine tune the position of driving seat in all three axis. However, if this is not sufficient, you can always find commercially available cushions of all kinds that will further improve your position and ensure your comfort.

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