Campaign for a Fourth Stimulus Check – and more – $2,000 Monthly Payment Petition Hits 2.5 Million Signatures

 Campaign for a Fourth Stimulus Check  – and more – $2,000 Monthly Payment Petition Hits 2.5 Million Signatures

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With Congress engrossed in a federal budget deal and a big infrastructure package, Washington has all but forgotten about a fourth pandemic stimulus check for Americans.

Could a petition seeking monthly payments until the COVID-19 problem is solved persuade politicians to reconsider? The movement has recently passed a significant milestone on its route to reaching its objective of 3 million signatures.

According to surveys, many struggling families that lost income due to the pandemic have used stimulus funds to meet basic requirements. Whether you need more money to pay your bills or simply want to spend wisely in these uncertain times, you may need to free up some cash on your own if another stimulus check never comes.

Stephanie Bonin, the owner of a Denver restaurant, told TV station KUSA in her hometown that she started the petition months ago but observed fresh interest in late summer.

Her petition requests Congress fund $2,000 per month for “the duration of the crisis” for American adults. Under her plan, children would receive $1,000 per month.

With the advent of the delta variant, Bonin told the TV station, the concept has become increasingly essential. Her self-employed husband lost his income during the pandemic, but they managed to keep the restaurant open, but they are worried about another slowdown due to the delta virus.

The number of signatures on the petition has now topped 2.9 million. Given the increased attention, it appears that many Americans agree with Bonin’s recent addition to the petition demanding for cheques to be sent to those who are still suffering.

“Our country is still deeply struggling. The recovery hasn’t reached many Americans,” she writes on the petition site.

Not only is a fourth stimulus check not on the horizon, but the government’s flagship COVID relief measures to boost unemployment benefits expired in September. In 2021, a few advance payments for the child tax credit, which the government increased for a year, are still available.

State and city programs and pools of money targeted towards workers in certain industries account for a large portion of the stimulus money still being distributed.

People who are struggling despite the stimulus measures have left comments on the petition.

As per Moneywise, one poster said that her mother’s company sacked her due to the pandemic and that after her unemployment ran out, her mother was unable to find work. That poster works two jobs but can barely pay the rent and only eats twice a day. “Despair overwhelms us,” the person writes. “The money is not enough.”

The pandemic has made the cost of everything skyrocket. The stimulus would help this solve this dilemma,” another commenter says.

You must still pay your bills if the petition does not rouse Washington and no more stimulus payments are coming. Revert to tried-and-true cost-trimming techniques:

  1. Refinance your mortgage

Now is a great moment for homeowners to refinance their mortgage. The average rate on a 30-year fixed mortgage is still under 3%, which means that refinancing may save homeowners hundreds of dollars per month.

2. Combine your debts into a single payment

If you consolidate your debt and roll your amounts into a credit card with a 0% introductory APR or a lower-interest debt consolidation loan, you can significantly reduce your interest rate.

3. Look for better insurance rates

Simple internet comparison shopping can save you hundreds on your homeowner’s insurance. If you haven’t checked your auto insurance rates in a while, there’s a strong possibility you’re overpaying. With a fast auto insurance rate check, you can fix that.

4. Get help finding the lowest prices

Call your cable, internet, and cell phone companies to see if they can lower your costs, and if they won’t, look for a better deal with another business. The same is true when shopping online: if you’re not sure if you’re getting the greatest value by searching through multiple websites, a tool you add to your internet browser will search the web for the best discounts and coupons.

5. Bonus tip: Save your pennies, even in tough times

To begin or expand your investment portfolio, you don’t need a lot of money. For instance, there’s an app that collects your digital nickels and dimes from ordinary purchases and invests them in the stock market. Try investing your “spare change.”

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