8-Month-Old Baby Drowns in Bathtub While Mom Was Allegedly on Her Phone for 20 Minutes

 8-Month-Old Baby Drowns in Bathtub While Mom Was Allegedly on Her Phone for 20 Minutes

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A tragic incident unfolded in Sparta Township, Michigan, as 23-year-old Olivia Miller faced arrest on Thursday in connection with the drowning of her eight-month-old son, Asher Johnson, back in November 2023. Miller is now confronting charges of involuntary manslaughter and second-degree child abuse, as investigators allege that she was engrossed in her phone for more than 20 minutes while her infant son met a devastating fate in the family bathtub.

According to reports from the sheriff’s office, emergency services responded to a distress call regarding a baby drowning in a bathtub at an eastern Michigan home. Upon arrival, paramedics discovered Asher lying face-up on the living room floor. Despite their attempts at CPR, the child was pronounced dead upon reaching the hospital.

An autopsy conducted by Kent County’s chief medical examiner, Dr. Stephen Cohle, revealed that the cause of death was drowning. Shockingly, Dr. Cohle estimated that the infant had been left unattended on the floor for at least 20 minutes before authorities intervened.

Investigations pointed towards Olivia Miller being alone at home with her baby at the time of the incident. According to an affidavit obtained by Michigan news website MLive, Miller provided conflicting accounts of the events leading to Asher’s drowning, told WZZM.

Initially claiming she left her baby sitting in a partially filled bathtub for five minutes while she went to the adjacent laundry room, Miller allegedly returned to find him floating with his face underwater. She asserted that she attempted to revive him until first responders arrived.

However, a detailed analysis of Miller’s phone activity contradicted her narrative. Court documents revealed that during the critical timeframe of the incident, she used her phone for approximately 21 minutes, with only an 18-second break. Detectives also noted that Miller made calls to her son’s paternal grandmother and sent a text to her father before dialing 911.

Miller’s defense attorney emphasized that there was “no indication of intentionality” in her actions. They highlighted the emotional toll the tragedy had taken on Miller, emphasizing her love for her child and the numerous photographs of the family displayed throughout their home.

Currently held on a $300,000 bond at the Kent County jail, Miller has pleaded not guilty to the charges of involuntary manslaughter and second-degree child abuse. The court date for her case is set for February 7, and she awaits further legal proceedings. Miller created a GoFundMe account for her son’s final expenses.

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