An unarmed guard showed on video blocking a shooter from entering the treatment center

 An unarmed guard showed on video blocking a shooter from entering the treatment center

Courtesy of Buffalo Police

A guy with an AR-15 rifle was stopped by a security officer, and the incident was captured on film after entering a drug-related treatment center in Buffalo, New York.

According to CBS station WIVB, the alleged shooter, Jeffery Griffin, 48, entered the lobby of Alba de Vida on Thursday and fired one shot into the wall before being seized and detained by an unarmed security guard until cops arrived. The event was captured on security cameras, and the Buffalo Police Department has finally published the clip.

According to authorities, no one was hurt.

A 30-second video footage shows an unarmed guard standing in the entryway of Alba de Vida, opposite a reception desk and in front of a closed glass door that appears to lead to a patient waiting room. The shooter enters the vestibule through the front door and fires one shot into the wall before a security guard delivers something to an employee behind the counter and proceeds to hold the gunman while other workers and patients vanish from view.

Before another guard comes just as the camera tape fades out, the security guard pins the shooter to the ground. According to the Buffalo Police Department, the gunman’s gun fired twice more while the guards battled to subdue him, but no one was injured inside the clinic.

“This could’ve gotten ugly really quick,” said Erie County District Attorney John Flynn, WIVB reported. “Due to the quick action — quite frankly heroic in my opinion — by the two security officers, no one got hurt there.”

Griffin was brought into jail, according to a police statement issued last week. They think he was also involved in another gunshot that occurred less than two miles away from the clinic, right before the one at Alba de Vida, in the 100 block of Pennsylvania Street. According to detectives, a woman was shot in the leg while inside her home and was taken to a local hospital for non-life-threatening injuries.

A second suspect has been apprehended, who police believe was also involved in the initial shooting. According to police, neither incident was organized, nor both seemed to be attempted robbery “tied to drug activity.”

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