9-Year-Old Girl Spots Something Strange Moving in Her Yard Behind the House. They Are Now Calling Her a Hero!

 9-Year-Old Girl Spots Something Strange Moving in Her Yard Behind the House. They Are Now Calling Her a Hero!

Pic: detroitdailynews

It is important to always follow your gut instincts in life. These impulses can occasionally be subtle, but your inner compass will always point you in the right direction. To protect us from immediate danger and guide us to safety, these evolutionary reflexes have been hard-wired into our DNA. Always remember to pay attention to your body if something doesn’t seem quite right in your tummy.

This leads us into today’s story which features a 9-year-old little girl named Elysia Laub from Lowell, Indiana. The air was filled with the scent of newly cut grass, it was a gorgeous sunny day, and nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

That is until young Elysia experienced an odd impulse to leave the house. She had never experienced anything like this in her life; it seemed as though voices in her thoughts were directing her toward a unique experience.

As per Detroitdailynews, everything seemed normal when she walked outdoors, so she didn’t give it much thought, located her brother, and made the decision to go swimming in the backyard pool. They prepared their bathing clothes and went to the pool to take advantage of the lovely weather and cool down in the cold water.

In the distance, there was suddenly a peculiar screaming or squealing sound. Keep in mind that her family resided in the rural community of Lowell, Indiana, home to numerous farms with pigs, horses, and other livestock.

Since Elysia’s family raised their own pigs, at first she assumed the ruckus in the bushes was being caused by one of their pigs or piglets.

She moved nearer the pink hazy blob in the bushes with the idea that she would just pick up the baby piglet and take it back to its pen. In order to prevent it from fleeing, she gently drew nearer, but as she did, the pink blob grew into sharper focus. This wasn’t even a piglet; it was more like a baby. She initially assumed this must be a doll because she couldn’t believe a baby was just sitting there in the bushes squealing. This can’t actually be a real baby. Could it?

To find her mother, the young girl ran into her home. On the front porch, her mother, Heidi, was speaking on the phone with her sister. Her daughter hurried up to her exhausted and irate, informing her that a baby was hiding in the bushes in the backyard!

Her mother initially believed that the incident was the product of her daughter’s vivid imagination and that no real infant could possibly reside on their property. Elysia insisted, telling her mother to follow her so she could prove to her that there was a baby in their backyard in fact.

Her mother followed, and when they arrived at the bushes, Heidi was astounded by what she saw. A little newborn with sunburned skin and tiny limbs and legs could be seen fluttering about. She picked up the infant right away, wrapped her in a blanket, and called the police. Police and the sheriff arrived as quickly as they could.

The baby was taken to the hospital where it was evaluated and treated by medical professionals, who came to the conclusion that the child would be fine and was actually doing very well given the circumstances. The sheriff and the doctors nicknamed Jane Doe “The Miracle Baby” and said if Elysia hadn’t found her exactly when she did this story could’ve ended in tragedy with the young baby dying.

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