Heartbroken Family’s SeaWorld Trip Ends in a ‘Nightmare’ After 8-Year-Old Girl Suffers Medical Emergency & Dies

 Heartbroken Family’s SeaWorld Trip Ends in a ‘Nightmare’ After 8-Year-Old Girl Suffers Medical Emergency & Dies

Ashley Dupont/Facebook

In a heart-wrenching incident, Stella Quinn Dupont, an eight-year-old girl, suffered cardiac arrest and tragically passed away after collapsing at SeaWorld, Florida, during a family visit. Upon her collapse, the Orlando Fire Department was quick to respond, and Stella was rushed to Dr. P. Phillips Hospital’s emergency room.

Unfortunately, subsequent evaluations revealed bleeding around her brain stem, depriving her brain of essential blood flow. The young girl passed away on October 18, surrounded by her loved ones. In the aftermath of this tragic event, a close family friend initiated a GoFundMe campaign, seeking support for the Dupont family.

The fundraiser has seen an overwhelming response, amassing over $80,000 (£65,000) from close to 1,000 contributors, including donations from the Orlando Police Task Force Group and the Daytona Beach Fire Rescue.

According to the SUN, Sharing her anguish, Ashley Dupont, Stella’s mother, expressed at the fundraiser, “This sudden, catastrophic event has left us devastated. Stella Quinn’s absence is a void we could never have anticipated. The support we’ve received, from those who stayed by our side in the hospital, to everyone who reached out, has shown how much Stella was cherished.”

Throughout Stella’s last moments, Ashley and her spouse, Kyle, remained steadfastly by her side, praying for a miracle. Ashley reflected on their unwavering hope and love, stating, “We were with her till the end, ensuring she felt our love and pride every step of the way. Stella will forever be our guiding star.”

She further added insight into Stella’s name, which translates to “star queen,” emphasizing her pivotal role in the Dupont family. “She has left an irreplaceable void in our lives, but she’ll always shine brightly above us,” she concluded.

This tragic incident at SeaWorld follows a series of unfortunate events reported at Walt Disney World Resort, where some visitors filed lawsuits after sustaining injuries at the theme parks.

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