Who’s Eligible for $487 Stimulus Checks on October 17? Here’s What you Need To Know To Qualify!

 Who’s Eligible for $487 Stimulus Checks on October 17? Here’s What you Need To Know To Qualify!

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Employees on the front lines will receive a $487 stimulus check for their efforts in combating COVID-19.

Governor Tim Walz announced the direct payment on October 3, with up to 1,025,655 workers eligible for a stimulus check. Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan later confirmed the news on Twitter.

Who is Eligible For a $487 Stimulus Check?

Minnesota residents who worked in such jobs during the previous tax year are eligible for the $487 award. Direct deposit recipients will receive their funds within 7 to 10 business days, implying that they will do so during the week of October 17.

Those who chose a pre-paid debit card will have to wait three to four weeks. The initial plan called for 667,000 frontline employees to receive $750 bonuses as part of a $500 million investment. When the payout was increased to cover more people, however, the payments became lower.

Walz stated that the state’s frontline employees risk their own and their family’s live every day in order to keep the pandemic virus at the borders of residents’ properties. They did a lot for the community during the outbreak, and they deserve this small token of appreciation from the end.

Millions of Americans Are Still Eligible For Stimulus Payment

According to an internal watchdog, up to 10 million people in the United States are still eligible for COVID-19 stimulus checks if they file a tax return.

Americans with little to no income who are not bound to pay taxes would file a simplified tax return in order to receive their benefits. They have until November 15 to complete their tax filings, according to a blog post published Tuesday by the US Government Accountability Office (GAO).

Taxpayers who have yet to receive their checks are also eligible to file a claim. However, they have until October 17 to file their tax return. People who have not filed tax returns, first-time filers, mixed-immigrant families, those with limited to no internet access, and the homeless may be among those who have yet to receive funds owed to them.

The GAO’s blog post comes as gas prices are expected to rise further as a result of OPEC+’s supply reduction. On Tuesday, the national average for a gallon of fuel was $3.92, according to the American Automobile Association.

According to Marca, many Mainers are concerned about rising gas prices, fearing they will not be able to keep their homes warm this winter due to rising heating oil prices and general inflation.

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