Heartbreak for the Dover family as their 33-year-old mother passes away from food poisoning while preparing supper

 Heartbreak for the Dover family as their 33-year-old mother passes away from food poisoning while preparing supper

(Kent Online)

A heartrending event unfolded when Siobhan Rose Simmonds, a 33-year-old mother, met a tragic end after she choked on food while preparing a meal for her family in Dover. Discovered by her two-year-old daughter alongside her partner and his son, Simmonds was found unresponsive on the kitchen floor, leading to immediate medical intervention.

Despite the swift action taken to transport her to William Harvey Hospital in Ashford, she spent a week in intensive care before the heart-wrenching decision was made that she would not regain consciousness, leading to her being declared deceased.

The devastating loss of Simmonds, who was a beloved mother to a 14-year-old son and a cherished figure among her eight siblings, has left her family grappling with profound grief. However, amidst this sorrow, a glimmer of hope and pride emerged through her altruistic decision to donate her organs—a decision she had expressed fervently on multiple occasions.

This final act of generosity provided a semblance of solace to her bereaved family, as they came to terms with their loss while honoring her wishes. In a poignant farewell, the family accompanied Simmonds to the operating theatre, where her vital organs were harvested for donation, sustaining her legacy of kindness and compassion, told Kent Online.

Her heart, kidneys, liver, pancreas, and corneas were transported to recipients across the country, embodying the far-reaching impact of her final gift. Susan Abate, one of Simmonds’ sisters, reflected on the overwhelming pride and devastation the family felt, emphasizing Siobhan’s lifelong inclination to bring joy and laughter to those around her.

Simmonds, who had embraced motherhood at a young age, was remembered by her sister as a “natural” when it came to parenting, dedicating herself to the happiness and education of her children through playful and nurturing interactions. Her loss has left an irreplaceable void in a large family that cherished each of its members dearly.

In response to the tragedy and the impending funeral expenses, the family initiated a crowdfunding campaign, which has garnered substantial support, reflecting the community’s recognition of Simmonds’ warm and caring nature. The family’s message in the campaign highlighted Siobhan’s vivacious spirit, her innate kindness, and the profound impact she had on those fortunate enough to have known her. As they navigate this challenging time, the family aims to honor Siobhan’s memory by ensuring she receives a fitting farewell, in line with the love and light she brought into the world.

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