After a split, the man reportedly killed his 19-year-old ex and then stabbed himself in the neck

 After a split, the man reportedly killed his 19-year-old ex and then stabbed himself in the neck


A tragic incident unfolded as a 23-year-old man allegedly took the life of his 19-year-old ex-girlfriend in a horrifying act of violence shortly after their breakup. The events, as detailed in an affidavit released by the Bucks County District Attorney’s Office, transpired on Friday, Feb. 16, around 2:22 p.m. Lower Makefield Township Police Department officers responded to a burglary report at a residence on Waterford Road. Witnesses described seeing a white male with black hair entering the home through a rear window.

Officer Robert Kennedy, arriving at the scene, spotted the suspect, later identified as Trevor Weigel, near a red Ford Mustang parked on the curb with its passenger door ajar. Kennedy witnessed Weigel assaulting a female, identified later as Jaden Battista, by tackling her to the ground and viciously stabbing her multiple times in the upper body. Battista suffered severe bleeding from her chest as a result of the attack, reported CBS News.

Weigel, upon realizing he was being approached by law enforcement, attempted to flee on foot towards Interstate 295. In his escape, he inflicted a stab wound to his neck. Sergeant Brian Holder pursued Weigel and managed to subdue him with a taser after a chase. Weigel was then taken to the hospital to receive treatment for his self-inflicted injuries.

Tragically, despite efforts to save her, Battista succumbed to her wounds after being transported to the hospital. Investigators revealed that she had sustained at least 15 stab wounds, with two proving fatal.

Body camera footage from officers during Weigel’s arrest captured him admitting that he had “lost it” upon discovering Battista’s alleged infidelity.

Further examination of the incident revealed that Battista had spoken with a friend on the phone just before the attack. During the call, she expressed concern about Weigel’s unexpected visit to her home and the ensuing disturbance. The friend reported hearing noises indicative of a struggle before the call abruptly ended, suggesting Battista’s desperate attempt to communicate while under duress.

An autopsy conducted the following day confirmed that Battista had succumbed to multiple stab wounds inflicted on her neck and chest.

Bucks County District Attorney Jennifer Schorn condemned the brutal attack as an “unfathomable, senseless loss.” Weigel now faces a slew of charges including criminal homicide, burglary, possession of a weapon, disorderly conduct, and harassment. He was arraigned on Sunday, Feb. 18, and has been denied bail.

As of Feb. 19, Weigel remains hospitalized for his injuries and is expected to survive, awaiting further legal proceedings.

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