A missing 17-year-old was discovered dead a few days after her expected delivery date

 A missing 17-year-old was discovered dead a few days after her expected delivery date


A 17-year-old girl, mere days away from becoming a mother, was tragically found deceased roughly a week after her disappearance. Maylashia Hogg, who was expected to be induced for childbirth on February 13, became a concern for her family when she did not attend her scheduled appointment.

Despite efforts to locate her, including a bulletin issued by the Barnwell Police Department on February 14, and her family’s report of her missing since February 8, the search ended in sorrow. Her body was discovered on Sunday, February 18, in a ditch close to her residence, less than a mile away.

Reports from WACH indicated that there were no visible signs of injury on Hogg’s body. The young woman had plans to name her unborn daughter Londyn, in honor of her mother who had passed away recently. Judy Hogg, Maylashia’s aunt, shared with WJBF-TV the excitement and readiness Maylashia felt about motherhood.

“She was happy and ready to be a mama,” Judy Hogg recounted, expressing the profound loss felt by the family, likening it to the pain of losing her sister three years prior. “She meant everything,” Judy added, underscoring the deep emotional impact Maylashia’s death has had on her loved ones.

On a related note, the Barnwell County Sheriff’s Office is actively investigating the disappearance of Michael Still, who was last seen on February 6. Although there is currently no direct evidence linking Still’s disappearance to that of Maylashia Hogg, authorities have stated their commitment to collaborating closely with the Barnwell Police Department.

This partnership aims to exchange information and pursue all potential leads that might shed light on these cases. As of now, no arrests have been made in connection with Maylashia Hogg’s untimely death. The community and her family are left mourning the loss of a young woman and the life of her unborn child, seeking answers and justice in this heartbreaking situation.

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