16-Year-Old Girl Suddenly Dies From Blood Clot Days After She Started Taking Birth Control

 16-Year-Old Girl Suddenly Dies From Blood Clot Days After She Started Taking Birth Control


A 16-year-old UK girl tragically passed away from a blood clot, which occurred three weeks after she began taking a contraceptive pill and two days following a misdiagnosis of a stomach bug, according to a report in The Telegraph. Layla Khan, who suffered from severe period pain, was advised by friends to use the contraceptive pill for relief.

She started the medication on November 25 but began to experience headaches by December 5 and vomiting by the week’s end. Layla’s family sought medical attention due to her frequent vomiting, every 30 minutes.

A general practitioner provided anti-sickness medication and diagnosed her with a stomach bug, assuring the family there were no serious concerns. Layla’s aunt, Jenna Braithwaite, recounted how despite continuous vomiting, the GP saw no “red flags” and advised a hospital visit only if the condition persisted.

Layla’s condition rapidly deteriorated, leading to severe pain and mobility issues. Her family rushed her to the nearest hospital in Grimsby, where a CT scan revealed a brain blood clot. Despite undergoing surgery on December 13, Layla was declared brain-dead the next day, told The Time.

The family expressed their profound grief and shock, especially given the timing close to Christmas. They were perplexed by the lack of initial concern from medical professionals, only to face such a tragic outcome shortly after. Layla, who had just started college and secured a job, was seen as a potential Oxford student by her professors.

In a heartening gesture amidst their loss, Layla’s family donated her organs, which have reportedly saved five lives just days before Christmas. They started the GoFundMe account to help raise money for a proper funeral and to assist the family with expenses for Christmas. The fundraiser has surpassed its original goal and brought in donations of approximately $9,500 USD.


Teenager Layla Khan has died after being put on the contraceptive pill to deal with period pains. I was also prescribed it while I was in the process of being diagnosed with endometriosis in my late teens and I’m just do sick and tired of the pill being seen as this one-size-fits-all cure. It’s not. Maybe if women’s health hadn’t been so overlooked/ignored, we’d actually know a little more about the causes of chronic pain conditions. Words can’t describe how devastating this story is #laylakhan #uknewstoday #womenshealthmatters #contraceptivepill #endometriosisawareness #tragic #diagnosis #endowarrior #periodpain Layla Khan Teenager dies of bloodclot Women’s Health Period pain

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