11-Year-Old Audrii Cunningham’s Alleged Killer Shows Up to Court Naked

 11-Year-Old Audrii Cunningham’s Alleged Killer Shows Up to Court Naked

Credit: Polk County Sheriff’s Office

A recently released video from the Polk County Sheriff’s Office portrays murder suspect Don Steven McDougal without clothing during his arraignment, seemingly smirking as he faces accusations of killing 11-year-old Audrii Cunningham earlier this month.

McDougal, aged 42, was formally charged with capital murder last Wednesday following the discovery of Audrii’s body in the Trinity River the day before, according to confirmation from the sheriff’s office reported by PEOPLE.

In the footage unveiled by the sheriff’s office and aired by local ABC 13, officers are observed opening McDougal’s cell door to escort him to his arraignment for the murder charge. However, upon removing the blanket covering him in bed, McDougal is found unclothed.

A deputy’s body camera captures the exchange:

“Where’s your clothes? Hold on!” the deputy questions.

“I ain’t got no clothes,” McDougal responds, appearing to smirk.

“Come on, man, don’t disrespect me like that,” the deputy retorts, directing him to use the blanket for cover.

McDougal then wraps the blanket around his waist, exits the cell, and approaches an arraignment officer who recites his Miranda rights and inquires about legal representation.

“I’ll get an attorney,” McDougal informs the officer before returning to his cell.

McDougal had been in custody on an unrelated assault charge when authorities additionally charged him with murder in connection to Audrii’s death. Prior records reveal McDougal’s previous conviction of two counts of child enticement, resulting in a two-year prison sentence. The victim, Carissa Davis, recounts an attempted assault in 2007 when she was 10 years old.

Audrii’s family, unaware of McDougal’s past conviction’s details but knowing of his prior incarceration, allowed him to reside on their property with hopes of a fresh start, expressing regret over this decision in hindsight.

Dr. Brent Hawkins, the superintendent of Livingston Independent School District, described Audrii as deeply loved by peers and teachers alike, stating she left a profound impact on those around her. At a vigil for Audrii, her aunt, Brenda Cedars, lamented the loss, saying, “It just isn’t fair that we all got robbed of that.”

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