Sheep shearer Convicted of Manslaughter for Fatal Stabbing of Fiancé on Wyoming Ranch

 Sheep shearer Convicted of Manslaughter for Fatal Stabbing of Fiancé on Wyoming Ranch

Monique Sullivan (Cowboy State Daily Staff)

A sheep shearer from New Zealand has been convicted of voluntary manslaughter after fatally stabbing her fiancé during a drunken altercation on a Wyoming ranch. The incident unfolded near a camper trailer where the couple had been working, and the shearer claimed that the act was in response to her fiancé’s alleged abuse.

The tragedy occurred on February 20, when the shearer, identified as Mons Sullivan, texted a friend, stating, “I’m about to stab this c**t,” before plunging an 8-inch (20cm) blade into her fiancé’s chest. The victim, Andrew Moore, lost his life following weeks of heated arguments, during which Moore reportedly cheated on Sullivan, provoking the deadly confrontation.

In November, a jury found Sullivan guilty of manslaughter, opting for this charge rather than second-degree murder, which carries a more severe sentence. Manslaughter carries a sentence not exceeding 20 years, while second-degree murder ranges from 20 years to life. The jury dismissed the claim of self-defense, concluding that Sullivan’s actions were not justified.

Andrew Moore and Sullivan
Photo by Facebook

Sullivan asserted that her fiancé had a history of abuse and rudeness towards her. The jury considered her claims but ultimately found that, on the night of the incident, Sullivan acted in a “sudden heat of passion” when she grabbed a knife and fatally stabbed Moore. His last words, according to testimony, were either “Why did you do that, Mons?” or “What the f**k, Mons?”

Prosecutor John Bowers argued that Moore’s last words contradicted the self-defense argument, as someone attacked in self-defense would likely have an understanding of the motive. Lincoln County Attorney Spencer Allred highlighted the force with which Moore was stabbed as evidence against the self-defense claim.

Sullivan, a New Zealander, provided a statement to law enforcement shortly after the incident while receiving treatment for self-inflicted wounds, reportedly attempting suicide after killing her fiancé. She confessed in Salt Lake City, Utah, revealing that the blade penetrated Moore’s clothing layers, indicating extreme force.

The altercation began when Moore was perceived as “flirting” with others in a camper, leading to a confrontation in Sullivan’s trailer. Witnesses reported verbal abuse from Moore, culminating in Sullivan stabbing him after hitting him. The friend present during the incident fled after witnessing Moore’s profuse bleeding.

The tragic event sheds light on the complexities surrounding domestic disputes and the legal consequences that follow such incidents.

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