Topless Protester and Junos Crasher Throw Pink Paint at Trudeau’s Office in Viral Video

 Topless Protester and Junos Crasher Throw Pink Paint at Trudeau’s Office in Viral Video

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A topless protester who disrupted the Juno Awards last month has now thrown pink paint at the prime minister’s office in Ottawa, according to a climate change advocacy organization.

On2Ottawa came to Twitter on Saturday afternoon to share video of Casey Hatherly, also known as Ever, vandalizing Justin Trudeau’s office entranceway with what seems to be a bucket of pink paint.

In a photo, the protester posed topless next to a sign reading, “Demand climate action now!”

“We are here in Ottawa to demand a citizens’s assembly to address the desperate need for climate action now, not in the five to 10 years our government has slated,” the protester is quoted as saying in a statement released by the group.

“Overextraction is already showing us its dangerous repercussions. Here and around the world we are seeing fires, floods, droughts and food shortages. The time for dramatic action is now, we still have time to make a difference, but we only have 712 days.”

According to the statement, the woman also chained herself to the office’s doorway. The group added that the protest was also aimed “to raise awareness for the upcoming caravan coming to Ottawa this August.”

According to the Ottawa Citizen, two persons were held as a result of the event, with the Ottawa Police Services confirming one of the detention and stating that the investigation was ongoing.

Protesters from the same group splashed pink paint on the Royal British Columbia Museum’s woolly mammoth model in Victoria in March. As a result, three persons were detained for mischief.

Hatherly gained national news last month at the Juno Awards in Edmonton after stepping on stage topless as Avril Lavigne began presenting a performance.

Among the messages scrawled on the protester’s upper body were “land back” and “save the Greenbelt.” The latter related to Ontario’s decision to open a protected piece of land for housing last October.

Hatherly was pulled away by security when Lavigne ordered her to leave the stage, and she spent the night in detention.

Hatherly is also facing a mischief charge in connection with the Juno Awards incident.

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