Miniot Unveils a Striking Turntable with Black Wheel Design

 Miniot Unveils a Striking Turntable with Black Wheel Design

Image Source: Wheel by Miniot / Instagram

Top-Loading Design One of the most unique features of the Miniot Black Wheel is its top-loading design. Unlike traditional belt drive turntables, which have to be turned upside down to access a record, the Black Wheel can simply be opened up like a book, making it far easier to access your music collection. This also makes it far less prone to dust buildup than other models on the market.

Innovative Black Wheel
Photo by: Miniot

Smart Speaker Features The Miniot Black Wheel also has some impressive smart speaker features that make it stand out from its competitors. For example, the device comes with live track scanning and volume slider capabilities that allow you to adjust your listening experience in real time without having to manually move any knobs or buttons. It also comes with compatibility with modern music streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music so you can easily access your favorite tunes from anywhere in the world.

MINIOT black wheel
Photo by MINIOT

Linear Tonearm Design Finally, the Miniot Black Wheel utilizes a linear tonearm design which helps ensure that sound waves are evenly distributed across each side of a record for a balanced signal output to external devices such as speakers or headphones. This allows for more accurate playback and improved sound quality overall.

Limited Availability One final thing to note about this device is that due to its limited production rate (only 10 units per month) it carries an extremely hefty price tag at around $4000 USD per unit. However, this may be offset by its exclusivity as well as its superior build quality and sound reproduction capabilities over other models currently available on the market today.

Conclusion: The Miniot Black Wheel is an impressive piece of machinery that offers audiophiles superior sound quality and convenience thanks to its top loading design, smart speaker features, linear tonearm design, and limited availability.

With all these features combined into one device, it’s no wonder why so many people are willing to pay top dollar for this premium piece of equipment! Whether or not this device is worth its high price tag will ultimately depend on each individual user’s priorities when selecting audio equipment; however there’s no denying that it offers superior performance compared to most other options available on the market today!

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