Hublot Classic Fusion Titanium Limited Edition For Hodinkee

 Hublot Classic Fusion Titanium Limited Edition For Hodinkee


Hodinkee, the leading destination for all things watches and horology, has collaborated with the disruptive and rebellious Swiss watch manufacturer, Hublot to reimagine the iconic “Atelier Watch” with the Classic Fusion Titanium Limited Edition for Hodinkee.

In 2012, Hublot took inspiration from the auto service industry and gave its customers a plastic, quartz-powered watch to temporarily keep their wrist company while their watch was in the shop.

This service was exclusively available at Hublot Ateliers, and the watch itself was not available for purchase, explicitly marked by the words ‘Not For Sale’ printed on the dial.

Hublot Titanium Limited Edition Watch

Since exclusivity drives demand, Hublot found itself dodging countless requests from its customers wanting to purchase a loaner watch to call their own so Hodinkee and Hublot decided to create a solution.

The Classic Fusion Titanium Limited Edition for Hodinkee was designed to stick to the genuine loaner as much as possible but comes in a monochromatic grey colorway, an intentionally unisex diameter of 38mm, and a rubber strap – a defining element of Hublot’s disruptive influence on luxury.

The dial’s design is modernized with ‘Not For (Re)Sale’ printed just above the 6 o’clock position to poke fun at the flippers of the watch world. The case is lightweight, grade 5, micro-blasted titanium to maintain the feel of the original while adding some durability. It is powered by the Swiss Made HUB 1110 self-winding caliber with a power reserve of 42 hours.

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