American arrested in Philippines after authorities found his girlfriend inside water drum

 American arrested in Philippines after authorities found his girlfriend inside water drum

Bacoor City Police

An American expat residing in the Philippines has been detained after police discovered his girlfriend’s body inside a water barrel near her home in Manila.

According to Yahoo reports, William Thomas Worth, 71, is accused of murdering his lover, Mila Loslos, 48, after finding she was married with a kid and not single as she said.

Nino Jay, Loslos’ 21-year-old son, went to the police after his mother was missing for a few days. Rappler said he had contacted his mother’s roommate about her whereabouts before speaking with Worth, who replied he had no information.

However, Nino Jay said that he noticed a bad smell in the house and went to the police to ask for help.

Bacoor City police found three knives and a nylon rope at Worth’s home, as well as wounds on various sections of his body. They found Loslos’ corpse inside the blue water drum, secured with duct tape inside a rubbish bag.

Lt. Col. Ruther Saquilayan, chief of Bacoor City Police, identified the victim to the press and acknowledged that she had been missing since May 5.

“The body was already bloated, inside the drum and covered with packing tape,” Saquilayan told the Manila Bulletin. “Based on our assessment, the victim has been dead for two to three days.”

According to Bacoor City police, preliminary inquiry shows that Loslos may have fallen during an incident and hit her head, following which Worth reportedly strangled her to death. The police have stated that an autopsy will be performed to determine the cause of death.

As of May 9, Worth was still in the custody of Bacoor City police and will face an inquiry this week. The police have stated that they will cooperate with the US Embassy in regard to the event.

A U.S. Embassy spokesman in Manila told the AFP they are “aware of this case” but that “due to U.S. Privacy Act considerations, we cannot provide any further information.”

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