Montblanc’s New Summit 2+ Smartwatch Is the First Luxury Timepiece to Feature 4G LTE

 Montblanc’s New Summit 2+ Smartwatch Is the First Luxury Timepiece to Feature 4G LTE

Montblanc is ticking apace with the tech titans. The pioneering label has just released the first luxury smartwatch with a 4G LTE connection. While this functionality is commonplace in smartwatches by Apple, Mobovi and the likes, Montblanc is the first to introduce it to haute horology.

The new Summit 2 Plus can directly activate cellular connectivity—read: make or receive calls—thanks to an electronic SIM card (eSIM) which is fitted inside the watch.

This means its wearer can stay connected at all times without having to schlep a smartphone around.

Like its predecessor, Summit 2, the intuitive timepiece operates with the Qualcomm 3100 Wear platform and is powered by Google’s WearOS. This means everything from text messages to calendar events is directly synced from your smartphone and daily tasks can be easily managed with the help of Google Assistant.

Thanks to the watch’s external speaker, wearers can “Hey Google” till their heart is content and swipe away with Google Pay.

Summit 2 Plus also comes with a complete outdoor toolbox, including a speedometer, altimeter, barometer, compass and GPS. Plus, the watch has an in-built workout coach (called VO2max) that recommends personalized exercises and can also track your health and wellbeing via the advanced Heart Rate Algorithm.

To top it off, the watch features two new travel functions to make globetrotting a little easier: a voice-activated translator that works in real-time and the Timeshifter app which posts personalized advice to minimize jet lag directly to the watch face.

“Designed to be a powerful daily companion, Summit 2 + links you to the world around you, enabling to stay active and connected at all times,” Montblanc’s CEO Nicolas Baretzki said in a statement.

Despite being chockablock full of new tech, the Summit 2 Plus still looks and feels like a traditional timepiece. It features Montblanc’s signature oversized crown and classic mechanical dial and is miles apart from a standard-issue smartwatch.

A little bigger than its sibling, the Summit 2 Plus features a 1.28-inch AMOLED screen inside a 43.5mm case.

Best of all, it’s completely customizable. There are three case finishes to choose from—black DLC steel, stainless steel, rose gold- or bronze-coloured steel—plus a variety of interchangeable strap options.

And thanks to the watch face configurator, more than a thousand watch face combinations are possible

The Summit 2 Plus will set you back $1,170 and will be released later this month at Montblanc boutiques worldwide

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