Research shows 3 unhealthy habits may increase high blood pressure risk

 Research shows 3 unhealthy habits may increase high blood pressure risk


Scientists from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and other institutions found three common unhealthy behaviors that may raise the chance of high blood pressure.

Type 2 diabetes is a disease in which your body does not correctly use insulin. Insulin is a hormone that aids your body in the conversion of sugar (glucose) from meals into energy.

When you have type 2 diabetes, your body is unable to use insulin efficiently, causing your blood sugar levels to rise rapidly. High blood sugar levels can harm your body over time, particularly your vision, liver, nerves, and heart.

Diabetes type 2 is typically caused by a mix of genetics, social variables, and being overweight or obese. Type 2 diabetes symptoms include constant tiredness, thirst, and hunger, as well as frequent urination, impaired vision, and slow-healing wounds or ulcers.

Some families are predisposed to type 2 diabetes and associated health issues such as high blood pressure and heart disease. However, experts aren’t positive about how various lifestyle behaviors (such as eating and exercise practices) affect blood pressure in these families.

This research sought to investigate this problem in six European countries. The research included 1,844 people at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes. They were questioned about their diet, physical exercise, and the amount of time they spent staring at screens.

To find different lifestyle patterns, the researchers used a method known as principal component analysis. They found three different living patterns. The third pattern (LP3) was associated with higher blood pressure readings and an increased chance of developing the illness.

The researchers found that people in LP3 spent approximately 3 hours per day viewing devices, eating 1.5 servings of sweet or salty food, and drinking 1 liter of sugary beverages.

Those in the top tertile of LP3 had a 12% increased chance of hypertension. The results indicate that in families with a high risk of type 2 diabetes, a mix of unhealthy diet and sedentary habits may raise the risk of elevated blood pressure.

Doctors may be able to help these people to avoid health issues by changing their lifestyle patterns. Eirini D Basdeki et al. performed the study, which was published in the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics.

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