Whoopi Goldberg Tears Up Inviting Sister Act 2 Co-Star to Join Sequel on The View

 Whoopi Goldberg Tears Up Inviting Sister Act 2 Co-Star to Join Sequel on The View

Pic: ABC

Whoopi Goldberg has been notably proactive on “The View” in rounding up former cast members for the highly anticipated “Sister Act 3,” extending invitations to numerous actors associated with the franchise, with the notable exception of a fictional character she jestingly referred to as Mary’s bald brother, Bart. In a recent heartwarming episode of the talk show, Goldberg turned her attention to her “Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit” co-star, bringing her to tears with an official invitation to join the upcoming sequel and acknowledging her significant philanthropic contributions.

During Wednesday’s episode, Goldberg, renowned for her role in “Ghost,” orchestrated an emotional moment when she invited the celebrated “Abbott Elementary” star to “The View” for an upcoming “Sister Act 2” 30-year reunion panel. She then sweetened the proposition by formally asking her to participate in the next installment of the “Sister Act” series, questioning, “We’re in the process of putting together 3. Would you come to be part of it, whatever it is?” This heartfelt invitation visibly moved Ralph, eliciting an emotional response as she tearfully acknowledged Goldberg’s gesture, told Entertainment Weekly.

Before Ralph could formally respond, Goldberg transitioned to commend Ralph’s commendable efforts in philanthropy. She highlighted Ralph’s upcoming recognition by the ACLU with the Southern California Bill of Rights Award, applauding her for the impactful work through the DIVA Foundation, an organization Ralph founded aimed at empowering vulnerable communities towards better health outcomes. Goldberg’s praise for Ralph’s longstanding dedication to philanthropy further amplified the emotional atmosphere, reinforcing Ralph’s commendable off-screen endeavors.

The professional camaraderie between Ralph and Goldberg spans several projects, including their collaboration in the 1993 sequel “Sister Act 2,” the 1996 film “Bogus” directed by Norman Jewison, Goldberg’s self-titled sitcom on NBC, and their appearances on the game show “Hollywood Squares.” This history of collaboration underscores the deep-rooted connection between the two stars, making the invitation to “Sister Act 3” all the more significant.

Goldberg has utilized “The View” as a platform to express her enthusiasm for “Sister Act 3,” engaging her co-hosts and the audience in discussions about the film’s development. The involvement of Tyler Perry as a producer has been a catalyst in advancing the project, with Perry sharing on “The View” in 2022 that a compelling script was in place for the Disney+ release. He expressed eagerness to expedite the production process, a sentiment echoed by Goldberg who recounted Disney’s initial hesitance and Perry’s influential role in reigniting the project.

As “The View” continues to serve as a stage for Goldberg to promote “Sister Act 3” and celebrate the achievements of its potential cast members, the anticipation for the film’s release grows, promising a reunion of beloved characters and the introduction of new elements to the cherished franchise. “The View” airs on weekdays, offering a blend of discussion, celebrity interactions, and insights into ongoing projects like “Sister Act 3.”

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