Whoopi Goldberg slams Donald Trump over Truth Social post

 Whoopi Goldberg slams Donald Trump over Truth Social post


Whoopi Goldberg recently responded to former President Donald Trump’s critical social media post, where he claimed she was widely disliked. During the latest episode of The View on May 13, Whoopi addressed the post that Trump shared on his Truth Social platform. The post featured an image of her with the caption, “I’m moving to Canada for sure this time!”

Whoopi, visibly frustrated, commented on the situation. “People always see these crazy memes that I’m going to leave the country if he gets in there,” said the 68-year-old actress and talk show host. She went on to add, “Somebody else thought I was leaving and was sending suggestions for people to take my place.”

Donald shared the meme on Sunday night after a follower sent it to him, adding his own caption, “Canada doesn’t want you Whoopi, NOBODY DOES!!!”

So, Whoopi responded on her show, “Look — I’m not going anywhere. And it’s not for the reason, you little snowflake — it’s not for the reason you think. He said nobody wanted me. Honey… you know what, it wouldn’t matter if no one here wanted me.” However, Whoopi stated, “I know where I’m going to be ’cause I got a contract. So I’m going to be where I’m wanted for the next couple of years.”

For those unfamiliar with the background, the photo of Whoopi has been circulating online for years, according to Newsweek. The meme plays on the recurring joke that she would leave the country if Trump were elected or re-elected.

Whoopi’s response highlights her irritation with the persistent rumors and memes that continue to surface online, suggesting she would leave the United States in response to Trump’s political career. This interaction underscores the ongoing tension between Trump and several prominent figures in the entertainment industry who have been vocal critics of his presidency.

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