Tracee Ellis Ross Pays Heartfelt Tribute to Whoopi Goldberg on The View Reflecting Career Influence

 Tracee Ellis Ross Pays Heartfelt Tribute to Whoopi Goldberg on The View Reflecting Career Influence

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During a recent episode of “The View,” Tracee Ellis Ross, acclaimed for her roles in “Black-ish,” “Candy Cane Lane,” and “American Fiction,” paid a heartfelt tribute to Whoopi Goldberg. Ross’s emotional expression of gratitude highlighted the significant influence Goldberg’s Broadway one-woman show had on her early acting career. The moment was deeply moving, leaving Goldberg visibly touched and momentarily at a loss for words as she tried to wrap up the segment.

As reported by Decider, Ross reminisced about her introduction to theater, a journey deeply impacted by Goldberg’s performance. “My mom brought me to see your one-woman show,” Ross recounted, referring to Goldberg’s acclaimed Broadway run from 1984 to 1985.

She described the show as a defining moment, saying, “Your show and you were one of those moments in my life … when I saw a part of myself, I saw a thing that I didn’t know was allowed in the world, this playing of different characters, and the playfulness, but to tell stories through yourself.” Ross emphasized the profound effect this experience had on her career trajectory and personal growth.

Goldberg, visibly moved by Ross’s words, humbly responded, “That’s a wonderful thing to hear. I’m insanely proud of you, always.” The exchange underscored the depth of their mutual respect and admiration. Overwhelmed, Goldberg struggled to maintain her composure as she navigated to a commercial break, her emotions evident.

The interaction didn’t just stop there. Goldberg, trying to regain her composure, attempted to conclude the interview again, only to be overtaken by laughter, highlighting the warmth and joy of the moment. “Thanks to Tracee Ellis Ross,” she said amidst her laughter, adding humorously, “Jeezy-Jeezy. Come on. There’s only a couple hours left and I’m trying to get on without saying anything bad or wrong!”

This exchange showcased the genuine connection between Ross and Goldberg, both highly accomplished in their fields. Ross’s acknowledgment of Goldberg as a key influence in her life was a rare and touching moment on “The View,” as noted by The Wrap. Additionally, Ross shared her surprise and excitement about being part of Beyonce’s Renaissance tour, a revelation she discovered through Instagram, adding another layer to the engaging and memorable conversation.

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