Make no mistake: Whoopi Goldberg is prepared to take on a shark in a battle of wits and survival

 Make no mistake: Whoopi Goldberg is prepared to take on a shark in a battle of wits and survival

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The esteemed EGOT winner shared her detailed strategy for facing off against a potentially menacing sea creature during a recent episode of “The View.” With determination in her voice, she assured her cohosts that she was armed and ready, should she ever encounter a shark in open waters.

Goldberg’s spirited discussion about her newfound interest in the Broadway play “The Shark Is Broken,” which explores the behind-the-scenes story of the iconic film “Jaws,” set the stage for her shark-fighting declaration. In an exciting twist, she even revealed that she had the chance to meet Jaws star Richard Dreyfuss during one of her visits to the theatrical production.

Sunny Hostin couldn’t help but ask the big question after Goldberg’s glowing praise for the play. “Will you be apprehensive about returning to the water after watching the show?” she inquired, reported Entertainment Weekly.

With her characteristic confidence, the 67-year-old actress replied, “No. I mean, listen, I know exactly what to do because that wonderful man who came to our show advised me to just punch a shark in the face.”

As she spoke, she playfully mimicked a shark attack by raising her arms, emphasizing, “So, you know, don’t be scared. Imagine someone you really don’t like and give that shark a good thrashing. Pow!”

Goldberg’s newfound resolve to take on sharks comes on the heels of a revelation she made four months earlier. She shared a “spooky” encounter with a virtual reality headset that transported her to the depths of the ocean.

“I put it on, and I was suddenly under the ocean because I adore all things related to the sea,” she recounted. “Something swam by me, and I completely forgot I had the headset on. I jumped up so fast that I toppled over.”

For fans of “The View,” Goldberg’s fearless declaration is sure to provide an entertaining and memorable moment. You can catch “The View” on weekdays at 11 a.m. ET on ABC.

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