‘Sometimes You Don’t Have Time to Stop’: Whoopi Goldberg Opens Up About Working Out in Jeans

 ‘Sometimes You Don’t Have Time to Stop’: Whoopi Goldberg Opens Up About Working Out in Jeans

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Whoopi Goldberg made a surprising confession on Tuesday’s episode of “The View” – she sometimes works out in jeans. The discussion arose when Alyssa Farah Griffin brought up Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s reported habit of exercising in denim. Sunny Hostin commented that exercise in denim was not feasible, prompting Goldberg to admit that she has indeed worked out in jeans.

Defending her unconventional choice, Goldberg explained that sometimes there isn’t time to change into workout gear, and she seizes the opportunity to exercise whenever possible. When asked about the discomfort of sweating, Goldberg nonchalantly mentioned changing her clothes when she got home.

“Because listen, sometimes you don’t have time to stop when everybody else is in their shorts and everything,” she added. “And you go and you get some exercise in when you can.”

Sara Haines sought further clarification, asking if Goldberg had worked out in jeans in public, to which Goldberg confirmed, saying people had witnessed it. Joy Behar supported Goldberg, questioning the fuss around the matter.

The discussion unfolded as Goldberg celebrated her 68th birthday on the show, sharing her gratitude for life experiences. She recounted various memories and gifted her co-hosts with some of her favorite things, including Prosecco. Reflecting on her age, Goldberg expressed appreciation for reaching this milestone, especially considering her brother’s untimely passing.

Following her heartfelt tribute, Haines pointed out cake dolls sculpted in Goldberg’s likeness, resembling her character from “Sister Act.” Goldberg revealed that an Italian entertainer and singer had performed a “Sister Act” tribute in her honor on an Italian show called “Viva Rai 2.”

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