‘The View’ Fans Demand Whoopi Goldberg Must Be Fired From Show for “Going Nuts” Live On TV

 ‘The View’ Fans Demand Whoopi Goldberg Must Be Fired From Show for “Going Nuts” Live On TV


The View viewers have demanded that Whoopi Goldberg be fired for taking “notes” while the program was live.

After the well-liked show lately encountered a number of errors, fans have requested that the casting be changed.

Whoopi, 66, surprised viewers on Friday when she uttered the term “a**” while speaking on a panel about parenting.

Awkward: While Whoopi Goldberg was live on air, viewers of the popular American talk show The View demanded that she be fired for being ‘nuts’.

She said, ‘Sometimes you have to be an a ** to be older.’

Fans were not pleased with the actress’s and cabaret performer’s language, and many turned to Twitter to express their concerns.

One person wrote: ‘Whoopi and Sunny’s [Hostin] dirty language was a bit much today. ‘

Another posted: ‘Someone needs to start pushing Whoopi. I have a feeling someone will not let her interject one day, which will cause Whoopi to be honest. She’s gotten exponentially worse this season, so I hope the next time the contract negotiations are on, it’s time to go or work fewer days.’

Not happy: After the well-liked series lately experienced a number of issues, fans have urged the producers to have the casting redesigned.

A third said: ‘… I have no idea what ABC thinks is happening here. They take different women, without real credibility, and let them go by their mouths day after day and they are surprised that one day someone says something stupid? ‘

‘Totally agree on Whoopi. She closes any opinion with which she disagrees, ‘sounded another, while a fifth struck:’ So out of touch.’

After the hosts used foul language when talking about gun regulation, several viewers weren’t impressed.

‘Nuts’: Friday took Whoopi, 66, to the panel and discussed parenting when she used the word ‘a **’, which shocked fans

Because of the repetitive vulgarity, some viewers “had to cancel the show,” while others had little children at home during the summer who could hear them.

Sharon Osborne claimed earlier this year that Whoopi Goldberg’s dismissal from The View for making light of the Holocaust was not justified since “no one cares” about Dailymail.

Osbourne, 68, suggested that there was a glaring double standard when she observed that Goldberg kept her coveted position despite saying in February of this year that “The Holocaust was not about race.” Osbourne was fired from the rival show The Talk in March 2021 for supporting Piers Morgan during his conflict with Meghan Markle.

Oh no, the actress’s and cabaret’s language did not sit well with fans, who expressed their opinions on Twitter.

She said, “I’ll tell you why, because they’re Jews, and nobody gives a shit,” when The Times questioned her about the double standard.

Osbourne, whose music producer father Don Arden was Jewish, noted that she adores Goldberg and avoided personally criticizing the Ghost actor in favor of making a statement about show business hypocrisy.

The controversy involving Osbourne started on March 9, 2021, when Morgan rushed off the set of the British talk show Good Morning Britain after asserting that he did not think Meghan Markle was suicidal following her shocking interview with Oprah Winfrey.

When questioned the next day about his remarks on The Talk, Osbourne responded that, despite her disagreement with Morgan’s viewpoint, she backed his freedom to air it on television.

As per Aceshowbiz, Black Underwood replied angrily and accused Osbourne of downplaying Morgan’s remarks and giving ‘validation’ to his ‘racist’ views.

Later, Osbourne resigned from her position on the show and was put on permanent suspension.

Whoopi Goldberg was fired from The View in March 2021 for defending Piers Morgan amid his feud with Meghan Markle, but earlier this year Sharon Osborne claimed that she should have been fired for trivializing the Holocaust on The View because “nobody gives a shit” about Jews.

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