Whoopi Goldberg Reminisces About Heartwarming Disneyland Trip with Late Mother on ‘The View

 Whoopi Goldberg Reminisces About Heartwarming Disneyland Trip with Late Mother on ‘The View

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On a recent episode of “The View,” Whoopi Goldberg shared a touching memory of her late mother, Emma Harris, and their special trip to Disneyland. Goldberg, as reported by Entertainment Weekly, reminisced about her first visit to the iconic amusement park, which was also a dream come true for her mother. Emma had always wanted to take Goldberg and her brother Clyde to Disneyland but could never afford it.

Goldberg decided to surprise her mother with the trip. She invited her to California and picked her up from the airport without revealing their destination. As they drove, Goldberg’s mother grew curious about their location, especially after noticing they had been on the road for a while. To reveal the surprise, Goldberg asked her mother to read the road signs, leading to a moment of realization and delight when Emma read out “Disneyland.”

In September, Goldberg paid tribute to her mother on Instagram by posting a throwback photo in honor of her birthday. The photo showed a striking resemblance between the mother and daughter, a detail that fans quickly noticed and commented on. Many fans expressed admiration for the close bond they shared and offered birthday wishes for Emma in heaven.

Goldberg’s mother passed away in 2010, a loss she announced on “The View.” She described her mother as one of the best people she had known and reminisced about her adventurous spirit. Goldberg expressed how her mother enjoyed life to the fullest and that she and her brother ensured Emma’s life was full of rich experiences, per HuffPost.

Reflecting on her mother’s love and the void left by her passing, Goldberg acknowledged the strong bond she still shares with her brother, providing them with mutual support and comfort. She shared her thoughts on missing the unique love her mother had for her but found solace in the close relationship with her brother.

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