Whoopi Goldberg hilariously investigates a crew member’s surprise appearance live on The View

 Whoopi Goldberg hilariously investigates a crew member’s surprise appearance live on The View

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In the aftermath of resolving World War III with video game company Blizzard Entertainment over the highly anticipated release of Diablo IV, the Whoopi Goldberg Situation Room embarked on a comical and momentous journey. Within a matter of seconds, they delved into an investigation surrounding an unexpected appearance of a crew member during a live episode of The View.

After a lengthy break due to the Fourth of July holiday, the show made its lively return, marking the end of a week-long absence from live commercial breaks. As the camera zoomed in, the focus shifted to the renowned Oscar-winning actress of Ghost fame, Whoopi Goldberg, caught in a moment of delightful bewilderment on her face.

“Wait a minute, is that Eddie standing over there?” Goldberg said before moving on with the day’s Hot Topics discussion. “You notice Eddie standing over there? Oh my goodness, hey Eddie!”

ABC (2) Whoopi Goldberg on ‘The View

EW has learned that the person in question — who responded with a quick, “Hey, Whoopi!” — is a stage manager, and, as Goldberg noted, is typically not in her sightline during the broadcast.

“We’re missing Paul,” cohost Sunny Hostin stated as the panelists chuckled at Goldberg’s amusement with Eddie. The camera then cut to another crew member standing further back in the audience, seemingly the Paul in question.

“I think he’s kind of training Eddie to get used to us,” Goldberg said.

Shortly after her investigation, Goldberg concluded her inquiry, leading the ladies at the table to engage in a discussion about the persistent Twitter woes of Elon Musk, along with Meta’s recent introduction of the Threads social media platform.

Catch The View on ABC, airing weekdays at 11 a.m. ET/PT. Don’t miss the epic facial reaction captured in the image above as Goldberg responds to Eddie’s presence.

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